Monday, May 29, 2006

Genesis 1:2 “…and the spirit of God moves upon the face of the waters.”

Sandy and I enjoyed our 22nd wedding anniversary this past week as I took a little time to hang out and spend some time with her… Not! She wanted the kids to come with us and I will agree it was great to spend time with our family. Luke had just completed high school and was eager to take a little break before he heads to ministry training in Birmingham. Andy and Mary just finished their 11th and 9th grades respectively and are anticipating a very busy summer. Katie even caught up with us and came down for some serious shopping. Man that girl reminds me of Sandy when she was young when it comes to the shopping… somebody better watch out that marries that girl as she is passionate and fearless about everything she puts her mind to do!
Our closest friends Buck & Stacey Hornsby & their wonderful kids came down for some R&R and we had a blast on the beach and chillin. We had planned to be with Pastor Tom & Ann Longfellow @ East Bay Church in Daphne, AL and take the opportunity to go to the beach. My kids were like … Dad do you always have to go preach when we go off? Well of course… Jesus always was ministering everywhere he went even when he was just hanging with his main 12 guys. Two places Jesus always went to hang out and rest was the mountains and the sea shore. When he went to the mountains it was to seek the Lord and pray. Everybody loves mountain top experiences with the Lord. But the place he went to rest, chill, teach and enjoy fellowship was by the sea shore. He found most of his disciples around fishing villages and beach areas. Jesus was a master chef too as he prepared many meals for his disciples when they were by the sea shore. His grillin techniques were out of this world so to speak! One of the characteristics of leadership is to be hospitable, a servant and also a great benefit of eating a meal with friends forms a common bond of covenant.
Jesus was the greatest example when he was hanging out by the sea shore letting the waves of the sea wash their souls and refresh their spirits. He is the same yesterday, today and forever and as the almighty God moved on the face of the waters in Genesis 1:2, he moves on the face of the waters today. Not to mention our bodies are almost 100% water, hello! Let God move over our face to bless and refresh our lives…
Sandy and I just sat on the beach with tons of sun block on but totally at peace with God’s hand on our lives and our families. He really does have a special future for us and we are anticipating the next season in our lives and ministry. Make sure and take some time with your family and friends; invest into their lives and relationships. Follow Jesus' great example when he was hanging out by the sea shore letting the waves of the sea wash their souls and refresh their spirits. D
Daylight's Burning...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Down by the River Side...
Great weekend as we went to Mississippi and ministered @ my parents home church. The highlight was to water baptize 2 young men, Cody and Casey Haygood, in the Amite River! I remember when my pastor baptized me almost 25 years ago... The Lord has been so good to me.

When we were in India last month we visited a ministry called TENT just outside Hyderabad, India. Training, Evangelsim, Needs and Technology is the acronmym. The cool thing about this compound/training center was it had a too scale replica of the tabernacle of Moses. The golden alter was just inside the walls reprenting the 1st place we must start @ to get into God's presence is the Cross. From here the brazen laver was positioned to wash ones self before proceeding into the Holy Place. The laver was full of water this is cool to think about ones reflection when you leaned over to wash. The washing of the water but the Word of God... the brazen laver represents water baptism! So powerful to attend and be apart of water baptisms. I love it... witnessing new believers public expression of faith as a Christ followers.
Going public is BOLD... For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth..., Romans 1:16! This too makes me think of the tremendous persecution and ostracization many new converts endure when they partake of water baptism in muslim, hindu and buddhist nations. The Bible tells us to partake in water baptism,total immersion, as a public confession of our salvation. Jesus led by example and the father was well pleased with him. I love it when the Lord is pleased with me!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Donkeys for Jesus...
Well we made it back from Sri Lanka and India in time for Mother's day. The family headed for the sanctuary of Amite County Mississippi to visit my mom and dad. Much to our surprise my dad's donkeys are having their babies. Dad and I were at the barn having a great conversation about our lives just being donkeys for Jesus.
Jesus asked for a donkey to carry him into Jerusalem. This is all we are suppose to do is carry him and present him to the world! Donkeys are sure footed, dependable, not easily spooked and all around good natured animals. We laughed as daddy fed each of them their "snack" of peppermints enjoying the sound of their ferocious crunch of the hard candy and their begging gentle nug for more of the sweet.
Also thought about the coolies in the Himalayas with their donkeys and the heavy loads they carry. God has called us all to carry Jesus to the world. The great thing is Jesus said his to take his yoke which is easy and his burden which is light. The best thing about being a donkey for Jesus is the great honor and privaledge to carry him to the world.
It is all about him... not about us!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Look to the Hills from where come my help!

We are in the Himalaya mountains gateway city of Mussoorie ministering this weekend and can I tell you it is a long way from Louisiana! Today we preached @ Kellogg Church @ 9000' elevation with the 25,000' peak elevation range in our backgroound. Mussoorie is an old hill gate city to the Himalayas which the Bristish established in the early 1800's. Still today this gate city is the entrance to Tibetan culture and many nomadic tribes of unreached people groups.
We were invited by Pastor Timothy and Missionary Jack Dyer to come to Mussoorie to prayerfully consider underwriting a hill station hostel for young Indian/Tibetan village children to be raised in a Christian enviroment then sent back to the villages to evangelize their respective people groups. Our first step will be for prayer then to purchase the land for $75,000US.

Conditions are a little tough here with the lack of water due to a small snow fall this year. Made me think of my kids when they were in school in South India and the strict rules of water conservation. The main rule being with the use of the toilet... if it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown flush it down. Don't you dream of being here on the mission field of north India! The ride up here was 10 long hard hot hours up here and our A/C did not work! Thank God I am a country boy, hello!
Pray for us as we head back to Sri Lanka and the war problems there. Got to go...