Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shasta Dam, Shasta Lake and Shasta Mountain

I am in Northern California with Nick and Linda Rogers today. Nick & Linda were with us most of fall 05'coordinating hurricane Katrina relief for Forward Edge International out of Portland, OR. Nick is a retired colonel with the US Army and played football @ Oregon State in the late 60's. These northern California folks are just awesome as too my great surprise the people outside of LA and San Fran are extremely conservative. Loads of great churches and people with a heart after God live up here in the north not to mention it is opening of deer season and they are as rabid about huntin as we are from south Louisiana! We are making some great contacts here and just being with Nick and Linda and their family has been wonderful.

My Main Man, Justin Rogers!

Fall means FOOTBALL!

Well the last trip we took was planned to give us the fall to take a "break", hang with the family and enjoy Andy playing his senior year of football @ Zachary High School. Well I volunteered to show our house which meant a total refurbishmnet of the old house, painting 2 old houses and carpentar work, visiting potentail colleges like La Tech in the pic and ministering weekends has just bout got me tired. Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew but the Lord gives us grace to get the job done just in time to keep your wife off your back, hello!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Luke to B'ham - 24/7
We are in Birmingham this weekend @ Church of the Highlands and our friends Pastor Chris and Tammy Hodges. Luke our oldest son has moved to Birmingham to attend COH and their leadership intern program called 24/7. I will put a link below for you to view...
This intense ministry training program is for young people to get a jump start on finding their place in the kingdom of God.
I got a feeling he is going to be challenged as this is his 1st step out of the nest and away from his mama... or will it be the other way around, hello. I am going to miss him as he has been my side kick and worker in our house. He and I have traveled together all over the world ministering as we are a tag team ditto looking blue eyed blond haired locos that go into war zones with the gospel. That boy has been my thrill and safe confidence when in tough situations. God is sure going to use him and I can not wait to get him back with me in Sri...
Pray for us as we transition all our kids to adults and the party will begin with me and Sandy home alone... PTL!



Fall kickoff...
Andy played his 1st football game of the season with a big win on a heart stopper vs Baker, 13-12. Andy is being looked at by several schools to play @ the next level and we are excited about his future. Pray for him the right place for him to go to school.

C3 Church...
I got to finally connect with one of the top 100 fastest growining churches in America and their cool pastor. Cleveland Community Church pastored by Matt Fry and his dear wife Martha. Man they treated me great as we got to be @ the Leadership conference. Their church was truly life giving and smoking with energy! The featured speaker was Pastor Rick White from The People's Church in Franklin, TN. He was awesome in speaking to the church on how to be relevant in a changing culture. The message was geared to USA ministry but the thread is global as life giving churches adamant about reaching unchurched and lost people is what the Great Commission is all about!
The pic above is a little ruf as it was taken with my fone... their worship was great and again their whole deal is all about Sunday and presenitng the life giving flow to reach the masses in the Raleigh - Durham area.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

#1 Pastor
When we were in Costa Rica I got to hang out with my dear friend and pastor Scott Hornsby. I got him to hold up the #1 sign as this man is the BEST shopper in the world... and to me the greatest pastor!
Scott is an overcomer as he beat prostate cancer and never slowed down. When he could have relaxed and been satisfied with the good life of church and family, he choose to change and take a great risk with our church. He changed the whole style of ministry and moved the church to a new location for one reason... SOULS! This is leadership Jesus style friends. Lots of people make changes but motives seem to be alot different. I can always follow someone whose intent is to win the lost and be a great witness for Christ.
He is pictured here with my good friend Will Starkey and they are getting their wives some Costa Rican jewelry. Great friends and great shoppers!
U da man Bro. Scott!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Costa Rica...
After getting back from Sri Lanka I went to CR with my pastor Scott Hornsby and a team from Fellowship Church's inaugural trip to CR. The weather was wonderful (82 high, 60 low) as I seem to always go to countries where it is nasty hot like south Louisiana in August. The trip was refreshing to me personally and a great blessing to see people come to Christ. We connected with a great missionary couple in CR, Randy and Patty Beckham who have lived and ministered in CR for the past 17 years. The action was non stop as we ministered to leaders/pastors, local churches, youth groups, food distribution to street kids, and just hung out with the missionaries.

Missionaries are in need of ministry big time as they told us of their struggles and difficulties as to how the enemy harrasses them. We definetely identified with the fire but we also rejoiced in the victory of all the fruit the Lord has given them! Pastor Scott really spoke words of life to them to bless them and the local church in CR. Services were full force Holy Ghost led movements as some of the team members witnessed demonic manifestaitons for the 1st time. We also got to do some awesome challenges on zip lines in the rain forest...

Yes I was tight but the ride is worth the effort.

Ok Got to go...
Lucas (Spanish for Luke)
Great encouragement...
Hudson Taylor (1832-1905) was the founder of the China Inland Mission and a great servant of God. But after the ferocious Boxer Rebellion of 1900, in which hundreds of his fellow missionaries were killed, Taylor was emotionally devastated and his health began to fail. Nearing the end of life’s journey, he wrote, “I am so weak that I cannot work. I cannot read my Bible; I cannot even pray. I can only lie still in God’s arms like a child and trust.”
Have you been passing through a time when you are tired of body and sick of heart? Do you find it difficult to focus your mind on biblical promises? Has it become hard for you to pray? Don’t write yourself off as a spiritual castaway. You are joining a host of God’s people who have experienced the dark night of the soul.
When we endure such times, all we can do—indeed, all we need do—is lie still like a child in the arms of our heavenly Father. Words aren’t necessary. A comforting father doesn’t expect his child to make speeches. Neither does God. He knows we need His soothing care. In times of trouble, His mercy holds us up (Psalm 94:18). We may trust Him to carry us through that dark night of the soul and on into the dawning light. —Vernon C Grounds

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Bibles & Cell Phones:

Makes you stop and think where our priorities are ??I wonder what would happen if we treated our Biblelike we treat our cell phones?What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?What if we flipped through it several times a day?What if we used it to receive messages from the text?What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?What if we gave it to kids as gifts?What if we used it as we traveled?What if we used it in case of an emergency?What if we upgraded it to get the latest version?This is something to make you go...hmmm...where is my Bible?Oh, and one more thing. Unlike our cell phone, wedon't ever have to worry about our Bible beingdisconnected because Jesus already paid the bill in full!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Andy - 18 years old!

Sandy and I just wanted to rejoice over our kids a minute...
Andy turned 18 yesterday and we piggy backed a successful academic year ( all A's) with his b'day to bless him with his hearts desire...?... XBox 360. Made me think of Jesus's words... if we know how to give gifts to our children, how much more does the Father want to give the Holy Spirit to us? Sorry I just can not get away from spiritual moments from the HG...

Sandy and I prayed last night with great thankfulness thinking about when we turned 18... some of you may remember the BC days (Before Christ). Andy had a few friends over and the fam just hung out (Dustin & Felicia Baker came too... Sandy and I raised Felicia when she was a teenager and we love her and Dustin like our own). We laughed @ Laura Schilling (nut) and rejoiced in how good the Lord is to us by being so merciful with our kids.
Mary was gone for her 15th bday and is not too happy as we have not gotten her present yet... she had great grades too! She will get the BEST present as she is the baby... she will get blessed for sure. I know, I know... Pray for us with all our kids!

Ask and I will give the nations to you... Psalms 2:8

It has been awhile since I blog trail and wanted to give a quick report...

We were in Sri Lanka and India for 2.5 weeks.
The meetings we had were Holy Ghost ordained as many signs, wonders, miracles, healings, and the BEST was the salvations in one of the darkest areas of southern Sri Lanka. I am telling you the Lord moved... we did 3 conferences in 4 days with a team from Pastor Rick Bezet's Church in Conway, AR. The team was well prepared and performaned flawlessly ministering to hundreds of men, women and children.

After the meetings in Sri we jumped a quick 40 minute flight to the southern tip of India to minister @ Pastor George Koche's Faith Theological Seminary. We ministered to Bible School students and the local church just outside or Trivandrum (mapquest will take you there...). The team went up to preach a pastor's conference and do benevolent ministry with children in remote areas of southern India. Then they went back to Sri Lanka to visit the hill country ministry of Pastor Yoganathan. Pasgtor Yoga is a hindu convert that we have worked with in the past to plant churches in the tea plantation areas of Sri Lanka.

Well we also met with the Blue Lagoon owner and her son to put some details down on final purchase of this property for our hub base in Sri. We are so fired up! Now we get to believe God for the people/laborers to get the heart for the nations to work the harvest field.

Is the Lord calling you to the nations?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hot Sri Lanka...
I am in the airport in Minneapolis waiting to board the long flight to Tokyo (12 hrs.) then get on the next flight into Singapore (6.5 hrs.), spend the night (jetlagged like a big dog) and catch the afternoon flight into hot Sri Lanka. We are set for 3 conferences in Sri Lanka with New Life Church from Conway, AK. Please pray for us as we will be in the deep south of Sri Lanka ministering in the Tsunami affected areas. The civil war is raising it's blood thirsty ugly head also in Sri as I am writing. Paul knew he had to go into difficult situations not for his own good but it was needful to minister to the believers to encourage them to stand as lights in dark places. Light is so much brighter in dark places. We ask your prayers as we minister in Sri Lanka one of the darkest places for the gospel on earth.
After the work in Sri we will catch a 30 minute flight to Trivandrum, Kerela South India to minister @ Pastor Alexi George's church. We will also get to minister to Bible School students @ Bro. George Koche's Faith Theological Institue. So we are set for some good old fashioned work for the gospels sake. We really need your prayers! Pray for our strength and God's power to be released.
Sandy is doing well and progressing after her surgery. I think she was bout ready for me to hit the road as I have been her nurse for the past week and she has been suffering watching me paint the cielings in the house. Pray she does not over do herself while I am away... she is Italian bless her heart.
Ok time to get on board! Got to go...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Living in Pain...

Quick report on Sandy, she is doing great and is home enjoying the affect of modern day pain medication! The surgery went off without a hitch and the Dr. reported she had a huge bone spur that was giving her all the problem in her shoulder. An easy fix for him and a relatively simple surgery.
I read the blog post from yesterday and thought about Sandy living for 2 years in pain with her shoulder. We all carry pain around in our lives and bodies that Jesus did not intend for us to carry. Pain of disappointments, offenses, broken relationships/hearts, dis/ease, etc... Jesus came to bring us blessing by taking stripes for us for our healing and take away our pain.

The picture above is a Tsunami victim in Sri Lanka working in a cinnamon house. His pain was he lost all he had on earth during the moment of horror. Before the tsunami he had no future, no job, no self esteem... Now he has been blessed with a new house and a regular income working in the cinnamon house. Jesus washed his pain away... literally! Sometimes he will move the earth to take away our pains. He hears our cries and is working his plan to relieve us from pain. Sometimes it is just not that easy as taking 2 aspirins...
When we think we can not endure anymore pain... Jesus comes to provide a way of escape. Sandy had to take the time to get surgery to remove the pain and will benefit the joy of living with no pain again. Look into your life today and let the Lord take the pain away...Let him heal the inflammed area with the oil of joy that can only come from him. The Lord may have to do some surgery to relieve the affected area but we all know he is the master physician.
Sandy and I will both benefit from her being pain free least when she recovers from the surgery... This is one of the benefits of being pain free; all those around you will enjoy the blessing of living a pain free life. Thank you Jesus for taking away my pain! Come on now this is good stuff!
Got to go... Daylight's Burning!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Take care of Mama!

Sandy is having surgery on her shoulder today to repair some rotator cuff damage she has been living with for the past 2 years. That girl is pain tolerant... NOT!
The procedure will be out patient and we will bring her home to recover... OUCH!
We have several things to ask prayer for this morning.
1. Sandy recovery
2. I leave for Sri Lanka and India July 4th. We will be hosting a team from New Life Church in Conway, Arkansas. Our itinerary will be VERY challenging. 3 conferences and a festival in India. I have been preparing for a week now with sermon material and in prayer. The more prayer the more powerful the impact upon lives. PLEASE INTERCEDE the next three weeks for us.
Our 1st conference will be in a heavy area of persecution in the deep south of Sri Lanka in the buddhist controlled stronghold area called Kataragama. This is where people from all over the world come for pilgramige to walk on fire and worship the demon. We will preach the love of Jesus then move to our next stop in the Tsunami stricken city of Galle. We will minister a SET FREE conference @ a drug rehab facility and go into the slums of Galle witnessing... the devils mad and I am glad! PRAY!
Then... we will go to Colombo where another suicide bomber just assainated the 3rd ranking army general as the country is sliding back into civil war. PRAY!
We will do all this in 5 days... then take a short 30 minute flight to India...
Come on we are not playing around... Daylight's Burning my friend. It is time to go to work... in India we will minister @ Pastor Alexi George's church and preach to Bible school students @ Bro. George Koche's Faith Theological Seminary in the southern most Indian state of Kerela...
So we need prayer...
3. We are in faith for our down payment for our property, The Blue Lagoon in Sri Lanka. Pray the Lord of the HARVEST to move on the hearts of men to give.
4. Opportunity for another church plant in Sri Lanka... we got the land, now we will build a church! Come on this means souls! Pray for provision...

Alright I got to be the nurse next few days... I told you we need prayer! Imagine me nursing you... Smile! I will let you know how she comes out.
Got to go....
Daylight's Burning:

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

MRT 21st Century...
Missions Round Table!
Sandy and I are in St. Louis attending a 21st century missions round table hosted by Global Messenger Service. Jack and Sherry Harris are the lead missionaries spear heading this event to minister to missionaries and those involved in missions ministry. Sandy and I came in a day early to hang out with Jack and Sherry as they are dear freinds and mentors to our lives especially when it comes to missions.

We have been excited to hear the dialog about how the Lord is directing missions into the 21st century. I know you would like to be sitting in on this... I am so honored to be here with these great men and women of God that have "hazarded" their lives for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ... Acts 15:26.
Rusty Domingue is here (funny) and Steve Smith is keeping everyone laughing with his must have travel kit... I had never heard of a travel Ms. Pacman that you can fit right into your carry on luggage and plug right into the TV. Aaron and Rhianon Taylor that ministers in the Muslim world of North Africa is here with some awesome insight on church planting and a great missionary Mark McCord from Switzerland is here talking about church planting in France! Talk about Global... Steve and Carolyn Chulick that live in Chennai ( Madras, India) are feeding us the expertise on cell ministry in developing nations. It is almost like being back in Bible school when you were learning so much new stuff and eager to get more revelation from the Lord on how his Word is alive and moving in the earth!

Jack is keen to stay on the edge for the 21st century as plans are now in swing to move forward with MRT for next year. Today will be the last day before we travel again... I can not wait to hear what God has in store for us!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Blaaaa... nope blessed!
Woke up 2 days ago feeling a summer cold coming on but no time to waste. The ole bode will start to tell you to pay attention to itself in suttle ways. I felt my sinus' getting sore after stayin in a hotel in Oxford, MS. Andy and I are @ Ole Miss as he is going thru the recruiting process for football which means attending summer camps. He was wore out after the 1st day as the intensity of competition of SEC caliber players. We both knew we had to take care of ourselves...

III John 2 says Be/Loved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers... 1st step to vitaility is to prosper your soul! Starting the day off with a dose of the gospill will get the ball rolling in the correct direction. Putting Jesus 1st in all we do is paramount. Seek 1st the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.
2nd washing of the water by the Word! Drink of the water of life and drink plenty of water for the bod! Water flushes our bodies of impurities and is the BEST remebdy for a cold. When we get a cold it is lots of times because we are dehydrated... need the WATER/WORD!
3rd... Praying the Holy Ghost! Jude 20 tells us to build up our faith by praying in the Holy Ghost. One of the greatest things I have ever received in my life was receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost & FIRE. I never heard anyone speak in tounges until a heavenly prayer language came out of my mouth...actually I sang, cried, shouted for what seemed like hours as the fire of the HG consumed me years ago. Praying in the HG releases prayers to God that will buld your faith and release the perfect will of God into your life. Oh I am feeling refreshed just thinking about the blessed HG!
4th... take communion! We were in Jackson, TN Sunday @ The Promise Church with Pastor Jay Hutchens and their newly planted church. We got to participate in communion and I already sensed healing and health taking place in my natural body as I "cleanesed" my soul and rid my life of sin that seperates me from the blessings of health and prosperity. Perry stone has a great book called the Meal that heals... check it out!
Jesus knows what we need to get rid of the Blaaa... he just loves it when we take advantage of the covenants and obey his voice to take care of ourselves. Got to go...
DB: Luke

Monday, May 29, 2006

Genesis 1:2 “…and the spirit of God moves upon the face of the waters.”

Sandy and I enjoyed our 22nd wedding anniversary this past week as I took a little time to hang out and spend some time with her… Not! She wanted the kids to come with us and I will agree it was great to spend time with our family. Luke had just completed high school and was eager to take a little break before he heads to ministry training in Birmingham. Andy and Mary just finished their 11th and 9th grades respectively and are anticipating a very busy summer. Katie even caught up with us and came down for some serious shopping. Man that girl reminds me of Sandy when she was young when it comes to the shopping… somebody better watch out that marries that girl as she is passionate and fearless about everything she puts her mind to do!
Our closest friends Buck & Stacey Hornsby & their wonderful kids came down for some R&R and we had a blast on the beach and chillin. We had planned to be with Pastor Tom & Ann Longfellow @ East Bay Church in Daphne, AL and take the opportunity to go to the beach. My kids were like … Dad do you always have to go preach when we go off? Well of course… Jesus always was ministering everywhere he went even when he was just hanging with his main 12 guys. Two places Jesus always went to hang out and rest was the mountains and the sea shore. When he went to the mountains it was to seek the Lord and pray. Everybody loves mountain top experiences with the Lord. But the place he went to rest, chill, teach and enjoy fellowship was by the sea shore. He found most of his disciples around fishing villages and beach areas. Jesus was a master chef too as he prepared many meals for his disciples when they were by the sea shore. His grillin techniques were out of this world so to speak! One of the characteristics of leadership is to be hospitable, a servant and also a great benefit of eating a meal with friends forms a common bond of covenant.
Jesus was the greatest example when he was hanging out by the sea shore letting the waves of the sea wash their souls and refresh their spirits. He is the same yesterday, today and forever and as the almighty God moved on the face of the waters in Genesis 1:2, he moves on the face of the waters today. Not to mention our bodies are almost 100% water, hello! Let God move over our face to bless and refresh our lives…
Sandy and I just sat on the beach with tons of sun block on but totally at peace with God’s hand on our lives and our families. He really does have a special future for us and we are anticipating the next season in our lives and ministry. Make sure and take some time with your family and friends; invest into their lives and relationships. Follow Jesus' great example when he was hanging out by the sea shore letting the waves of the sea wash their souls and refresh their spirits. D
Daylight's Burning...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Down by the River Side...
Great weekend as we went to Mississippi and ministered @ my parents home church. The highlight was to water baptize 2 young men, Cody and Casey Haygood, in the Amite River! I remember when my pastor baptized me almost 25 years ago... The Lord has been so good to me.

When we were in India last month we visited a ministry called TENT just outside Hyderabad, India. Training, Evangelsim, Needs and Technology is the acronmym. The cool thing about this compound/training center was it had a too scale replica of the tabernacle of Moses. The golden alter was just inside the walls reprenting the 1st place we must start @ to get into God's presence is the Cross. From here the brazen laver was positioned to wash ones self before proceeding into the Holy Place. The laver was full of water this is cool to think about ones reflection when you leaned over to wash. The washing of the water but the Word of God... the brazen laver represents water baptism! So powerful to attend and be apart of water baptisms. I love it... witnessing new believers public expression of faith as a Christ followers.
Going public is BOLD... For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth..., Romans 1:16! This too makes me think of the tremendous persecution and ostracization many new converts endure when they partake of water baptism in muslim, hindu and buddhist nations. The Bible tells us to partake in water baptism,total immersion, as a public confession of our salvation. Jesus led by example and the father was well pleased with him. I love it when the Lord is pleased with me!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Donkeys for Jesus...
Well we made it back from Sri Lanka and India in time for Mother's day. The family headed for the sanctuary of Amite County Mississippi to visit my mom and dad. Much to our surprise my dad's donkeys are having their babies. Dad and I were at the barn having a great conversation about our lives just being donkeys for Jesus.
Jesus asked for a donkey to carry him into Jerusalem. This is all we are suppose to do is carry him and present him to the world! Donkeys are sure footed, dependable, not easily spooked and all around good natured animals. We laughed as daddy fed each of them their "snack" of peppermints enjoying the sound of their ferocious crunch of the hard candy and their begging gentle nug for more of the sweet.
Also thought about the coolies in the Himalayas with their donkeys and the heavy loads they carry. God has called us all to carry Jesus to the world. The great thing is Jesus said his to take his yoke which is easy and his burden which is light. The best thing about being a donkey for Jesus is the great honor and privaledge to carry him to the world.
It is all about him... not about us!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Look to the Hills from where come my help!

We are in the Himalaya mountains gateway city of Mussoorie ministering this weekend and can I tell you it is a long way from Louisiana! Today we preached @ Kellogg Church @ 9000' elevation with the 25,000' peak elevation range in our backgroound. Mussoorie is an old hill gate city to the Himalayas which the Bristish established in the early 1800's. Still today this gate city is the entrance to Tibetan culture and many nomadic tribes of unreached people groups.
We were invited by Pastor Timothy and Missionary Jack Dyer to come to Mussoorie to prayerfully consider underwriting a hill station hostel for young Indian/Tibetan village children to be raised in a Christian enviroment then sent back to the villages to evangelize their respective people groups. Our first step will be for prayer then to purchase the land for $75,000US.

Conditions are a little tough here with the lack of water due to a small snow fall this year. Made me think of my kids when they were in school in South India and the strict rules of water conservation. The main rule being with the use of the toilet... if it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown flush it down. Don't you dream of being here on the mission field of north India! The ride up here was 10 long hard hot hours up here and our A/C did not work! Thank God I am a country boy, hello!
Pray for us as we head back to Sri Lanka and the war problems there. Got to go...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Living in the FOG!
Wow what a blur the past two weeks has been... in preparation to go to Sri Lanka. Andy Ardoin from Healing Place Church, Nick Rogers and Shawn Pike from California have joined me to make a whirl wind of ministry and meetings in Sri Lanka and India. Sri is in turmoil again with lots of bloodshed and uncertaintity but God is faithful and everything about him is certain, Jeremiah 29:11!
We arrived today @ 6pm and hit the ground running in the FOG... I call this the Favor of God but most call this a serious case of jet lag. We went to our dear friends Loni and Monica Delanerol's wedding anniversary dinner with their family. I think Nick and Shawn were blown away by the Sri Lankan hospitailty and cuisine.

Tomorrow we are all scheduled to minister to differnet type churches in Sri so it will be some good stuff to tell about! I know you wish you were here... we will be here through May day holiday (May 1st) then off to India and the cities of Delhi, Hyderabad, Mussoorie and back to Colombo in less than a week. Talk about daylight burning... Please pray for us as we travel and work to advance the kingdom of the Lord Jesus.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Avoiding the Traps

My son Andy and I were in Fayetteville, AR for Easter weekend attending the University of Arkansas Srping football game. Andy was invited to AR junior day as he has gotten to be a pretty good size specimen of a young man and has gotten some college football schools attention (pray the Lord guides his path as we go thru this decision process). Anyway we got to play golf with some special people, Pastor Casey Henagan, Pastor Steve Dixon and Pastor Terry Nance who wrote the book "God's Armorbearer". Golf was never one of my favorite past times until the Lord asked me to take up the sport when I was in a small city in the mountains of Sri Lanka that had a golf course. I walked by the course doing my usual "golf bashing" and the Lord asked me to learn to build relationships. Well out of obedience I tried to play this crazy game and have grown to enjoy the beauty and complexity of the game.

While we were playing Terry Nance was seeming to get every shot in a bunker (that is what we commomly call a sand trap) and I said we need to learn to avoid the traps by directing our aim just enough to steer clear. This is easier said than done but Terry acknowledged this was good preaching material. I pondered this for a few days about avoiding traps and sterring clear of obstacles. The Lord was gently urging me to stay focused and obedient to his leading. Too stay kingdom minded and not Luke minded, hello! Jesus tells us to pray to not to be lead into temptation and to be delivered from evil. Basically we can be lead to avoid the traps that seem to come our way from the world and the enemy of our soul.

DB: Luke

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mark 16:6-7
And he said them be not frightened: you are seeking Jesus of Nazareth, which was crucified: he is Risen: he is nothere: behold the place where they laid him.
But go your way, tell the disciples and Peter that he goes before you into Galilee.

He is Risen! Jesus is alive and sitting on the throne ever living to intercede for us! After experiencing so much idol worship in the nations, I am just humbled and sooo happy to know in my heart that Jesus is alive today.

From our family to yours we pray that power of the Lord to bless you with this Easter day and the days to come.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Big 10
New Ten Commandment Movie...
I watched most of the new style tem commandment movie the past two nights. I will admit it is hard to not want to see Charlton Heston playing Moses...
I thought it would be cool to get some input as to your thoughts on the Big 10! My kids were polling students and teachers @ Zachary High School as to who could tell them all the commandments. there findings were incredible as to how many kids knew them but adults (my generation) could not get them correct. Wow...
OK take the test now... can you write them all down? Let me know how you did...
Daylight's Burning:

Take care of your pastor...
I just found a wonderful article on Christianity today about 8 ways to support your pastor. Whether you know it or not, at times we could all use a little "shout out" to encourage us. I think you'd feel it was worth a read. I'd love to get a randy discussion about this article started here, so post all the comments you want!!Oh, instead of the link, I'll just post it here! Some of you might be like me and not want to click through?8 Ways to Encourage Your PastorSimple acts that feed a shepherd.by Victor ParachinSometimes pastors are the loneliest people in the church. Often their hours are long, the pay minimal, the criticism considerable and constant. Feelings of disappointment, discouragement, and defeat may begin to plague the best of them.Paul's admonition to "serve one another in love" (Gal. 5:13 ) should encourage us to remember our shepherds. Here are eight ways to make their lives better.

1. Cut the criticismPresbyterian minister Fred Rogers, creator and host of television's "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood," recently gave an address describing the time he was a student at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and attended a different church each Sunday in order to hear a variety of preachers.One Sunday he was treated to "the most poorly crafted sermon (he) had ever heard." But when he turned to the friend who had accompanied him, he found her in tears."It was exactly what I needed to hear," she told Rogers."That's when I realized," he told his audience, "that the space between someone doing the best he or she can and someone in need is holy ground. The Holy Spirit had transformed that feeble sermon for her—and as it turned out, for me too." Unlike most workers who are evaluated once or twice a year, clergy are often critiqued weekly after each worship service. It's not unusual to hear people say "the music was poor," "the hymn selection was awful," or "the sermon was boring." We would do well to remember that most spiritual leaders work hard to make worship a unique celebration each week.

2. Pray regularlyAsk God to shower your pastor with an abundance of love, hope, joy, faith, peace, power, wisdom, and courage. Pray for your spiritual leader's maturity and growth in the faith. As you pray keep in mind this wisdom from German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: "If you treat a person as he is, he will stay as he is; but if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be, he will become what he ought to be and could be."

3. Express appreciation in writingA spoken compliment is always welcome, but a written one can be read over and over again for years. So, when you hear or see something you like from your minister, write an appreciative note.

4. Use your skills to blessAre you proficient with computers? Help your pastor master the church's new computer. Are you a mechanic? Offer to service the car free of charge or at a reduced fee.One pastor I know recalls: "I was pastoring my first church—a small congregation with limited resources. While there, I developed a series of dental problems and could not afford treatment. What a joy it was when a dentist in the church offered to treat me for free. Correcting my dental problem involved nearly a dozen visits. He treated me carefully and cheerfully each time. I have thought of that dentist many times since then and the memories of his kindness continue to bless my life."

5. Squelch gossipIf you hear a negative comment, respond with a positive one. If misinformation is being spread, correct it with the accurate information. Or, if people are gossiping, just walk away. Remember the Bible soundly condemns gossip and careless speech. James 1:26 says, "If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless." And Psalm 34:13 reads, "Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies."

6. Offer to meet a needSome people make their spiritual leaders defensive and angry by saying, "You need to … " That approach is seldom welcome and almost always counterproductive. If you see a need, approach your spiritual leader by saying, "I'd like to help by … " If you see an area that can be improved, take responsibility for working on it.Be an active participant in your church. Get involved by teaching a class, leading a workshop, singing in the choir, feeding the hungry. Ask your spiritual leader where and how you can employ your gifts.

7. Be openly responsiveNothing so animates and excites a spiritual leader as seeing people respond to the preaching and teaching. Imagine the surprise and delight of a pastor in Virginia Beach, Virginia, who, when greeting a visitor to his church, found she came because of the kindness of a church member who was her neighbor."I'm recently divorced, a single parent and new to this community," she told the pastor. "To keep up with rent and provide for my three children, I must work two jobs. That leaves me very little time for yard work. I was relieved when the weeds didn't overrun my yard as I had feared they might. However, when I made an unscheduled trip home in the middle of my workday, I discovered the reason why the weeds had not taken over my yard."My 86-year-old neighbor—a member of your church—was on his hands and knees pulling my weeds. I barely knew this man and he was embarrassed to be caught in this anonymous act of kindness. He explained that he heard you preach a sermon on the importance of living a life of compassion and kindness and decided to put that sermon into practice by weeding my lawn." One pastor's heart filled with joy when a group of women in Washington, D.C., responded to a sermon preached from the words of Jesus—"Do not judge, or you too will be judged" (Matt. 7:1). After hearing the sermon, the women decided to give a baby shower for the young woman who provided childcare while they met for Bible study. She was unmarried, close to going on welfare, and without support from her family or the father-to-be. The young woman was moved to tears by the surprise baby shower.Later, the women explained to the pastor, "Your sermon taught us that it's possible to reach out to someone in need—in this case, an unwed mother—without judging or condoning the situation."

8. Throw away the measuring stickDon't expect that your present spiritual leaders will do things the same way their predecessors did. Lay aside personal agendas and preferences. Instead, focus on how your leader is being used by God to do effective ministry now. By serving your shepherds, you will ensure that they will not only be encouraged but will feel appreciated and continue to minister with enthusiasm and energy.A friend is someone who stays with you in the bad weather of life, guards you when you are off your guard, restrains your impetuosity, delights in your wholeness, forgives your failures, does not forsake you when others let you down.The friendship of Jesus enables us to see others as he saw the apostles: flawed by good children of the Father.—Brennan ManningA Christian Reader original article.Copyright © 1999 by the author or Christianity Today International/Today's Christian magazine.Click here for reprint information.September/October 1999, Vol. 37, No. 5, Page 35
Now, don't get to worrying that we are bummed out are anything,I just was looking for a devotion on encouragement and came across this article. It really ministered to me about keeping the encouragement level up for Joel. Anyone have any ideas how we can encourage those who are serving as leaders around us? Come on-- I know you want to post your opinion!

Angel Dyke is the wife of Pastor Joel Dyke, http://joeldyke.blogspot.com/. This article was too good not to C&P (Cut & Paste).
Here is her bog link...http://lifechick.blogspot.com/.

Angel is an incredible artist too; check out her website...http://www.neworleans-paintings.com/

"Don't Look BACK!"
8 months later... Sandy and I were on the gulf coast of Mississippi ministering at New Life Church in Long Beach this past weekend. We were driving down and discussing our plans for the summer and told her I felt the Lord wanted us to connect to some people in California. We got to the church and a team from Chowchile, CA was there helping with clean up. We were so happy to encourage the church and this team to "Don't look back..." taken from Jesus response to the attitude of Lot's wife. The Lord has a special future for each of us and we must know he has taken us out of many troubles and places of compromise in out lives. The best is he is still working on us, hello!
Sandy and I rode down to Waveland, MS where the brunt of the eye wall of Katrina hit. There is nothing left but house slabs. We rode through this area again and debris was still piled high in Slidell but life was creeping back as the old Live Oak treess had buds of new leaves. We need to be like these old giants in Faith as no matter how hard the storm blows... Jesus is the giver of life.

Got to go...

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Monday, April 03, 2006

GOD orders our Steps...
For the past week I have been in Kiev, Ukraine and what an exciting time to be in the country. The 1st protestant mayor of Kiev was elected while we were in country! Wow God is moving with revival in the Ukraine...
The Ukraine is the "blue collar" county of the former Soviet Union. the bridges and land marks were all dotted with the hammer and sickle reminding of the Cold War and the old threat of communism. Communism has left it's mark on Ukraine society with the great gap between the rich and the poor. While in Kiev, we visited orphanages, street feeding ministries, the 700 Club, Hillsongs/Kiev and Pastor Sunday Adelaja's church (The Embassy).Yes sir we were moving... on Sunday I was in church close to 12 hours and loved every minute of it!
Pastor Chris Hodges invited me to come and learn about the impact of social service ministries affecting this nation. Chris was in Kiev with his son Michael training leaders with Equip, John Maxwell's million leader mandate. I was blessed to be in attendance and to hang out with such great men of God.
Another cool thing was the Lord connected me with a professional basketball player from Texas named Mike Harris. Mike was so happy to hang with someone from the south that said ya'll!
God is good and the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord!
Where is God ordering your steps today? Got to go...
Daylight's Burning:

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ok here we go my 1st run at blogging... my good friend Dan Ohlerking encouraged me to write and tell the stories of World Missions. I am sitting in Minneapolis, MN awaiting a flight to Amsterdam heaed to Kiev, Ukraine. In Kiev we will be ministering and taking a look at a huge feeding ministry and a drug rehab/orphange. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord so by faith we are going to learn how we can customize these ministries into the heart of the masses in Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. It is suppose to be real cold which does not excite me! The more "mature" I am getting the less I like cold weather... even here in Minnesota a foot of snow is on the ground, BRR! When I left Louisiana people were cutting grass,Funny...
Another "cool" thing that happened with this trip is I met some missionaries that work in Kiev @ my sister's church in Ft. Lauderdale last week. The Lord connected us to these ladies... they run the drug rehab ministry. What a blessing this is turning out to be as they got us hooked up with accomodations and transport to get everything I intended to done! I am excited to go... Pray for me and my family please.
Got to go...
Daylight's Burning,