Sunday, December 30, 2007


I was in the woods doing some deer hunting in south Louisiana this past week enjoying the peace and quiet. December is my time to reflect on the past and get the Word of the Lord for the New Year. I love to deer hunt and spend this quiet time seeking the Lord, finishing all the books I started (I get bored with most books about halfway thru) and just refresh my soul. I have learned it is imperative to prepare yourself by drawing away into solitude to spend quality time with the Lord. The more I do this, the more effective I am and my life is just better ya know…

Well I was scouting an area that usually held a good deer and I only had a quick hour before daylight ended (Daylight's Burning yes sir) to check the sign in these woods. So instead of boots I put on tennis shoes so I could cover a lot of ground quickly. I walked close to 3 miles and came across little deer sign but I found a bonanza of "fat pine", kindling, fire starter, etc… for all you city folks. I thank the Lord for growing up in the woods and a farm cause so many times these lessons of living close to the earth saved me and my family lots of sickness and heart aches in Sri Lanka and India.

So I knew some folks that needed some "fat pine" for their fireplaces @ home and resolved to tote out some to sow a seed of blessing into their lives. Most folks now do not know where to get this "fat pine" or just too busy (lol) to go get em some. I slung a huge chunk on my back and began the mile hike back to the 4X4. No problem I am big guy but with gun, backpack, warm clothes, etc… after about half way my arms started to burn. I heard whisper to me quit, give in throw it down, it's not worth it… they don't care if you bring it or not… but something inside of me I have learned as the spirit of the Lord would not allow me to quit. Oh yea I was hurting, sweating and laboring by the time I made it back and the last 100 yards was sheer determination. But alas I prevailed and threw it in the back of the old truck victorious conqueror of the "fat pine" challenge.

As I sat in the truck shaking my head and kind of laughing, the Lord spoke to my heart about being a gatherer! He confirmed my life's work to gather in the harvest and bless others with the joy of a warm fire (nothing like the love of God!).

Cock of the Walk

Last night our family went to Natchez, MS for dinner to celebrate my parent's 48th wedding anniversary. We went to a restaurant called the "Cock of the Walk" on the banks overlooking the Mississippi River. The staple for this place is cornbread, mustard greens, coleslaw (the best!) and fried catfish. My parents were happy for a night out as we laughed and had a blast with our "country family".

The "Cock of the Walk" story is about the old riverboat deckhands that would stop in Natchez for supplies and "recreational activities". The roughest toughest hand would wear a huge rooster tail in his hat until some other guy unseated him from his throne. Jim Bowie was famous here at this river stop with his huge Bowie knife. Natchez is home to one great sports store called... you guessed it, Bowie Outfitters.

Anyway we left with full bellies and my dad was happy to take home some leftover greens and a sweet potato for his lunch after church today. This is so awesome to spend quality time with the family during the holidays. Thanks for reading the blog…

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Candy Cane

Some Christmas fodder…

The Meaning of the
Candy Cane

The fascinating story behind the candy cane ...
The birth, ministry, and death of
Jesus Christ are signified through
the elements of the candy cane ~

our Good Shepherd (staff shape) ~ 1 Pt. 5:4
our Rock (hard candy) ~ 1 Cor. 10:4
our Sinless Savior (white) ~ 2 Cor. 5:21
our Sacrifical Lamb (red) ~ Eph. 1:7

The STRIPES symbolize pain inflicted upon
Jesus before his death on the cross and a bold
stripe to represent the blood he shed for
mankind. The three stripes can also represent
the power and presence of the Trinity
(the Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

The smell and taste of PEPPERMINT relate
to the herb hyssop. Psalm 51:7 states,
"Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean,
wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow."

The candy cane is meant to be shared --
broken into pieces for all to share. That
reminds us of Jesus' words, "This is my body
which is broken for you" (1 Cor. 11:24).
What a sweet way to share the Gospel !

And you just thought it was good candy :-)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Time

It is has been a while since I posted so I figured it was time to write. The holidays are sweeping down upon us and Sandy has been busy preparing the home for Christmas. She had all the decorations up b4 Thanksgiving… all three trees! She loves Christmas and as it draws near I been getting this warm feeling of anticipation, I know it's sucky but I am getting older lol. I been doing most of the shopping online this year… I am not fighting the crowds!

I am actually physically in Colorado this AM with Andy. It has been snowing like crazy and COLD! He had knee surgery after three months of injury from playing football @ the AF Academy Prep School. His mom nursed him the 1st few days but dad had the joy of getting him out of bed and enduring the screams of pain, hello! But this AM he will prepare to travel with me to Louisiana and home for the holidays. This should be fun going thru the airport…

December the past few years has been a cool month for me personally as I take time to seek the Lord for 2008. All the books I started to read and did not finish, I take with me to the deer stand and finish. Not much deer hunting but to spend quality time with the Lord alone is super. I need it, we all need it… take some time this Christmas season to spend with the Lord. Read the story of Jesus birth and it's impact on our lives… you will be glad you did.

Remember others that Christmas is rough on… work hard to bring smiles to peoples faces. Visit someone you have not seen in a long time. Bring em something special… but mostly bring em your love and care. Speak Merry Christmas to everyone you see… in the back, grocer, etc… it is really cool thing to bring this love to people. I love Jesus for coming to this old world for me.