Monday, September 29, 2008

Mexico - R&R

Since the hurricane's of Gustav and Ike, we have been "swamped" with lots of good ole fashioned work. Things have settled a bit so this past weekend Sandy and I headed to South Padre Island, TX for a little R&R. We went to Mexico for some shopping at a little border town called Neuvo Progresso. I talked to her in that low mono tone Louis Lamour style as we laughed and enjoyed our weekend. We so enjoyed crossing the border into another nation... give us the Nations Lord! As September winds down, we are thankful for the Lord sustaining us. A good report is my mom went through her back surgery with great resuslts so far. She had a rough go with surgery recovery but the pain has been relieved and she is progressing to a better quality of life. PTL!
The next 40 days are shaping up to be times of serious turbulence in the US with the Presidential election fast approaching. These are times that Great Men and Women of GOD rise up and petition the Lord for his mercy. We want to encourage believers to seek the Lord with fastings and prayers over the next few weeks. I promise we will all be so glad we did..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whew... Been awhile!

We have been rolling since Mexico working in Louisiana and Texas with the hurricane storms.
With a sigh of relief we are finally normalizing a little after Hurricane Gustav tore through our home state of Louisiana. Here is our story… After ministering at a local church in Louisiana on Sunday a week before the storm hit, I was kind of wound up and could not sleep. It got to be 1AM so I looked in the “net” at the satellite images of the Caribbean. Noticing a small cluster of thunderstorms below Haiti I felt this prompting from the Lord, “Go buy a generator before you go to Mexico, this is going to be hurricane and it is going to hit Houma, LA.” I questioned but got no answer as I was schedule to minister in southern Mexico with Pastor Joel Dyke. I really was hesitant to go but felt no stop sign so I boarded the plane trusting the Lord for his leading. We had a grand time ministering to pastor’s and rejoicing in the fruit of Joel and Angel’s 10 years of missions ministry in Mexico. The leaders raised up now receiving training through Joel’s network of John Maxwell’s Equip is amazing. But the whole time my heart was thinking of my family in Louisiana preparing for Gustav. The day Gustav hit as Cat 2 storm, Joel and I were traveling back to the US and I was petitioning heaven of how I was going to get to my family. The Word I got was “backdoor” while I was in the airport in Mexico City. Joel was going to fly home to Monroe and I remembered flying over a cyclone out of Tokyo one time… we were going to fly over Gustav into Monroe and get in the backdoor. I rented a Honda Pilot all wheel drive after the roller coaster ride landing and made the dark journey of 3.5 hours through the backdoor arriving at our missions base safe and sound. Ever since we have been cutting trees and helping folks come back to normalcy. We are preparing now to bring supplies to hard hit Houston, TX from hurricane Ike. Pray for us as we minister to our home folks. Got to go…

Daylight’s Burning!