Monday, March 12, 2007

Been up most of night reading Finney...
Check this out.
Now this is the natural result of faith in Christ. All selfishness is sin. But mark! it is not selfishness for a man to have a proper regard for his own salvation; but it is for him to regard his own salvation only, and care not for the salvation of his neighbour. Suppose a man cares ever so much about his own salvation, but cares not for the salvation of his neighbour, this is supreme selfishness right on the face of it; and the more intensely anxious a man is about his own soul, if he cares nothing about the salvation of his neighbour, the more intensely selfish he is. This should always be understood. Men that are very regular at the means of grace, and who make their own salvation a matter of deep concern, but who after all care little or nothing for the salvation of others, are deceiving themselves--trusting in a false refuge. Why it is perfectly plain in such cases that their religion is mere selfishness. For let me ask, where does the Bible allow men to make any separate, selfish interest their great object of pursuit? The teaching of Christ is, "thou shalt love they neighbour as thyself," and Christ himself acted upon this principle, and the apostles did so too; instead of making their own enjoyment, happiness, or salvation the great end of pursuit, they laid themselves out for the good of the world. And further, this is the true way for a man to secure his own salvation; by caring for the salvation of others. "Whosoever will save his life," said Christ, "shall lose it; but whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it."

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tsunami of People...
Luke and I will meet a fresh wave of internally displaced peoples from the renewed civil war fighting in Sri Lanka. We have been contacted to go meet this massive wave of needy people with some sort of help. I know what this means as again we reach to needy people without basic toiletries and food. I am kind of overwhelmed this evening as I write this as I detest being limited to help. 100,000 people... I know what it will take, $100,000 is only a dollar per person but I am honestly tired of asking tonite and getting the "here comes the missionary look". I will continue to ask as it is not for me, it is to help relieve some hunger or pain, milk for a baby crying, medicines and blankets... I do know what will cost very little; a smile and a heart of compassion and love.
When the tsunami hit in 2004 we were in the battle, then Katrina, the refugee camps in Somalia, the lepers in India, etc... Human suffering gets to be a heavy load but we all know what the answer is... Jesus! They that call upon the name of the Lord will be saved, Romans 10:13
We ask your prayers and call to action...
Here is a report of the fresh wave of people displaced from their homes from the fighting in Sri Lanka.
More than 100,000 people displaced in east Sri Lankan district after heavy fighting
Associated Press, Sat March 10, 2007 13:38 EST . COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) _ The number of refugees in eastern Sri Lanka went past 100,000, after heavy fighting in rebel-held parts of the island has forced 15,000 civilians to flee their homes in the past two days, the Red Cross said on Saturday.
Battles have escalated in recent days between government troops and separatist Tamil Tiger rebels in parts of the country's rebel strongholds, after a few weeks' lull.
International Committee of the Red Cross official Davide Vignati said that since November about 105,000 displaced people have fled to government-controlled refugee camps in the eastern district of Batticaloa _ the largest number of displaced persons in one district.
The Tigers have been fighting since 1983 to create a separate state in the north and east for the country's ethnic Tamil minority, following decades of discrimination by the Sinhalese majority. The conflict left about 65,000 people dead before the government and rebels signed a Norway-brokered cease-fire in 2002.
However, renewed fighting has left about 4,000 more people dead and at least 200,000 displaced in Sri Lanka since late 2005, when the cease-fire faltered, European truce monitors say.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Vision of 911...
Sandy and I got to visit NYC a few weeks ago and I thought about telling our twist of the events of 911. We were living in Sri Lanka when this day to remember happened in 2001. The kids and I along with a team of our Sri Lankan brothers were in a small village showing the Jesus film. We had a great time of ministry and were on our return home when Sandy called and told us the news. By the time we got home we walked into view the 2nd plave slamming into the World Trade Centers. What a horrible site... I will never forget!

A few days before this day, a dear friend of ours had called me troubled... she is a widow lady that spends her days in prayer and fasting before the Lord. she had a vision of NYC covered in a white fire of ash over all the buildings this cloud enveloped. She brought to my home a picture she drew with this cloud over the city and hundreds of people on top of this cloud hovering over two tall buildings. Sandy and I reassured her that the Lord would show us what the meaning of her vision was and we both trembled when the vision became reality. We sat stunned for hours glued to the TV in Sri. We had a team from North Carolina in Sri and they could not leave for a week. The Sri Lankan people resonded with flowers and cards of sympathy during these days.
The Lord really let us understand who we are as a nation. Pslams 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!