Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Living in Pain...

Quick report on Sandy, she is doing great and is home enjoying the affect of modern day pain medication! The surgery went off without a hitch and the Dr. reported she had a huge bone spur that was giving her all the problem in her shoulder. An easy fix for him and a relatively simple surgery.
I read the blog post from yesterday and thought about Sandy living for 2 years in pain with her shoulder. We all carry pain around in our lives and bodies that Jesus did not intend for us to carry. Pain of disappointments, offenses, broken relationships/hearts, dis/ease, etc... Jesus came to bring us blessing by taking stripes for us for our healing and take away our pain.

The picture above is a Tsunami victim in Sri Lanka working in a cinnamon house. His pain was he lost all he had on earth during the moment of horror. Before the tsunami he had no future, no job, no self esteem... Now he has been blessed with a new house and a regular income working in the cinnamon house. Jesus washed his pain away... literally! Sometimes he will move the earth to take away our pains. He hears our cries and is working his plan to relieve us from pain. Sometimes it is just not that easy as taking 2 aspirins...
When we think we can not endure anymore pain... Jesus comes to provide a way of escape. Sandy had to take the time to get surgery to remove the pain and will benefit the joy of living with no pain again. Look into your life today and let the Lord take the pain away...Let him heal the inflammed area with the oil of joy that can only come from him. The Lord may have to do some surgery to relieve the affected area but we all know he is the master physician.
Sandy and I will both benefit from her being pain free least when she recovers from the surgery... This is one of the benefits of being pain free; all those around you will enjoy the blessing of living a pain free life. Thank you Jesus for taking away my pain! Come on now this is good stuff!
Got to go... Daylight's Burning!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Take care of Mama!

Sandy is having surgery on her shoulder today to repair some rotator cuff damage she has been living with for the past 2 years. That girl is pain tolerant... NOT!
The procedure will be out patient and we will bring her home to recover... OUCH!
We have several things to ask prayer for this morning.
1. Sandy recovery
2. I leave for Sri Lanka and India July 4th. We will be hosting a team from New Life Church in Conway, Arkansas. Our itinerary will be VERY challenging. 3 conferences and a festival in India. I have been preparing for a week now with sermon material and in prayer. The more prayer the more powerful the impact upon lives. PLEASE INTERCEDE the next three weeks for us.
Our 1st conference will be in a heavy area of persecution in the deep south of Sri Lanka in the buddhist controlled stronghold area called Kataragama. This is where people from all over the world come for pilgramige to walk on fire and worship the demon. We will preach the love of Jesus then move to our next stop in the Tsunami stricken city of Galle. We will minister a SET FREE conference @ a drug rehab facility and go into the slums of Galle witnessing... the devils mad and I am glad! PRAY!
Then... we will go to Colombo where another suicide bomber just assainated the 3rd ranking army general as the country is sliding back into civil war. PRAY!
We will do all this in 5 days... then take a short 30 minute flight to India...
Come on we are not playing around... Daylight's Burning my friend. It is time to go to work... in India we will minister @ Pastor Alexi George's church and preach to Bible school students @ Bro. George Koche's Faith Theological Seminary in the southern most Indian state of Kerela...
So we need prayer...
3. We are in faith for our down payment for our property, The Blue Lagoon in Sri Lanka. Pray the Lord of the HARVEST to move on the hearts of men to give.
4. Opportunity for another church plant in Sri Lanka... we got the land, now we will build a church! Come on this means souls! Pray for provision...

Alright I got to be the nurse next few days... I told you we need prayer! Imagine me nursing you... Smile! I will let you know how she comes out.
Got to go....
Daylight's Burning:

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

MRT 21st Century...
Missions Round Table!
Sandy and I are in St. Louis attending a 21st century missions round table hosted by Global Messenger Service. Jack and Sherry Harris are the lead missionaries spear heading this event to minister to missionaries and those involved in missions ministry. Sandy and I came in a day early to hang out with Jack and Sherry as they are dear freinds and mentors to our lives especially when it comes to missions.

We have been excited to hear the dialog about how the Lord is directing missions into the 21st century. I know you would like to be sitting in on this... I am so honored to be here with these great men and women of God that have "hazarded" their lives for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ... Acts 15:26.
Rusty Domingue is here (funny) and Steve Smith is keeping everyone laughing with his must have travel kit... I had never heard of a travel Ms. Pacman that you can fit right into your carry on luggage and plug right into the TV. Aaron and Rhianon Taylor that ministers in the Muslim world of North Africa is here with some awesome insight on church planting and a great missionary Mark McCord from Switzerland is here talking about church planting in France! Talk about Global... Steve and Carolyn Chulick that live in Chennai ( Madras, India) are feeding us the expertise on cell ministry in developing nations. It is almost like being back in Bible school when you were learning so much new stuff and eager to get more revelation from the Lord on how his Word is alive and moving in the earth!

Jack is keen to stay on the edge for the 21st century as plans are now in swing to move forward with MRT for next year. Today will be the last day before we travel again... I can not wait to hear what God has in store for us!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Blaaaa... nope blessed!
Woke up 2 days ago feeling a summer cold coming on but no time to waste. The ole bode will start to tell you to pay attention to itself in suttle ways. I felt my sinus' getting sore after stayin in a hotel in Oxford, MS. Andy and I are @ Ole Miss as he is going thru the recruiting process for football which means attending summer camps. He was wore out after the 1st day as the intensity of competition of SEC caliber players. We both knew we had to take care of ourselves...

III John 2 says Be/Loved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers... 1st step to vitaility is to prosper your soul! Starting the day off with a dose of the gospill will get the ball rolling in the correct direction. Putting Jesus 1st in all we do is paramount. Seek 1st the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.
2nd washing of the water by the Word! Drink of the water of life and drink plenty of water for the bod! Water flushes our bodies of impurities and is the BEST remebdy for a cold. When we get a cold it is lots of times because we are dehydrated... need the WATER/WORD!
3rd... Praying the Holy Ghost! Jude 20 tells us to build up our faith by praying in the Holy Ghost. One of the greatest things I have ever received in my life was receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost & FIRE. I never heard anyone speak in tounges until a heavenly prayer language came out of my mouth...actually I sang, cried, shouted for what seemed like hours as the fire of the HG consumed me years ago. Praying in the HG releases prayers to God that will buld your faith and release the perfect will of God into your life. Oh I am feeling refreshed just thinking about the blessed HG!
4th... take communion! We were in Jackson, TN Sunday @ The Promise Church with Pastor Jay Hutchens and their newly planted church. We got to participate in communion and I already sensed healing and health taking place in my natural body as I "cleanesed" my soul and rid my life of sin that seperates me from the blessings of health and prosperity. Perry stone has a great book called the Meal that heals... check it out!
Jesus knows what we need to get rid of the Blaaa... he just loves it when we take advantage of the covenants and obey his voice to take care of ourselves. Got to go...
DB: Luke