Saturday, April 28, 2007

Indian fire blower...

When Luke and I were in India we got to get in some culture... it was incredible as we stayed @ a the prince of the state of Rajastan's summer cottage and got the royal treatment!!! This guy in the picture filled his mouth with kerosene and became a walking fire blower! I was shocked and relieved that he did not blow his face off... only in Incredible India!

We have ben so busy preparing for this summer's ministry that I keep putting the blog on the back burner sorry... and please forgive me, yes u got too!

Sandy says I spend too much time @ the puter now... Been doing sme serious seeking this weekend after the ARC conference in Texas. Some incredible pastor's and leaders spoke that really stirred us all to seek his face. Got a feeling that a great move of holiness is moving God's people as more of his power is going to be needed to reach the nations.

Next few weeks will be preparing for Vietnam... more on that later.