Sunday, December 30, 2007


I was in the woods doing some deer hunting in south Louisiana this past week enjoying the peace and quiet. December is my time to reflect on the past and get the Word of the Lord for the New Year. I love to deer hunt and spend this quiet time seeking the Lord, finishing all the books I started (I get bored with most books about halfway thru) and just refresh my soul. I have learned it is imperative to prepare yourself by drawing away into solitude to spend quality time with the Lord. The more I do this, the more effective I am and my life is just better ya know…

Well I was scouting an area that usually held a good deer and I only had a quick hour before daylight ended (Daylight's Burning yes sir) to check the sign in these woods. So instead of boots I put on tennis shoes so I could cover a lot of ground quickly. I walked close to 3 miles and came across little deer sign but I found a bonanza of "fat pine", kindling, fire starter, etc… for all you city folks. I thank the Lord for growing up in the woods and a farm cause so many times these lessons of living close to the earth saved me and my family lots of sickness and heart aches in Sri Lanka and India.

So I knew some folks that needed some "fat pine" for their fireplaces @ home and resolved to tote out some to sow a seed of blessing into their lives. Most folks now do not know where to get this "fat pine" or just too busy (lol) to go get em some. I slung a huge chunk on my back and began the mile hike back to the 4X4. No problem I am big guy but with gun, backpack, warm clothes, etc… after about half way my arms started to burn. I heard whisper to me quit, give in throw it down, it's not worth it… they don't care if you bring it or not… but something inside of me I have learned as the spirit of the Lord would not allow me to quit. Oh yea I was hurting, sweating and laboring by the time I made it back and the last 100 yards was sheer determination. But alas I prevailed and threw it in the back of the old truck victorious conqueror of the "fat pine" challenge.

As I sat in the truck shaking my head and kind of laughing, the Lord spoke to my heart about being a gatherer! He confirmed my life's work to gather in the harvest and bless others with the joy of a warm fire (nothing like the love of God!).

Cock of the Walk

Last night our family went to Natchez, MS for dinner to celebrate my parent's 48th wedding anniversary. We went to a restaurant called the "Cock of the Walk" on the banks overlooking the Mississippi River. The staple for this place is cornbread, mustard greens, coleslaw (the best!) and fried catfish. My parents were happy for a night out as we laughed and had a blast with our "country family".

The "Cock of the Walk" story is about the old riverboat deckhands that would stop in Natchez for supplies and "recreational activities". The roughest toughest hand would wear a huge rooster tail in his hat until some other guy unseated him from his throne. Jim Bowie was famous here at this river stop with his huge Bowie knife. Natchez is home to one great sports store called... you guessed it, Bowie Outfitters.

Anyway we left with full bellies and my dad was happy to take home some leftover greens and a sweet potato for his lunch after church today. This is so awesome to spend quality time with the family during the holidays. Thanks for reading the blog…

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Candy Cane

Some Christmas fodder…

The Meaning of the
Candy Cane

The fascinating story behind the candy cane ...
The birth, ministry, and death of
Jesus Christ are signified through
the elements of the candy cane ~

our Good Shepherd (staff shape) ~ 1 Pt. 5:4
our Rock (hard candy) ~ 1 Cor. 10:4
our Sinless Savior (white) ~ 2 Cor. 5:21
our Sacrifical Lamb (red) ~ Eph. 1:7

The STRIPES symbolize pain inflicted upon
Jesus before his death on the cross and a bold
stripe to represent the blood he shed for
mankind. The three stripes can also represent
the power and presence of the Trinity
(the Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

The smell and taste of PEPPERMINT relate
to the herb hyssop. Psalm 51:7 states,
"Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean,
wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow."

The candy cane is meant to be shared --
broken into pieces for all to share. That
reminds us of Jesus' words, "This is my body
which is broken for you" (1 Cor. 11:24).
What a sweet way to share the Gospel !

And you just thought it was good candy :-)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Time

It is has been a while since I posted so I figured it was time to write. The holidays are sweeping down upon us and Sandy has been busy preparing the home for Christmas. She had all the decorations up b4 Thanksgiving… all three trees! She loves Christmas and as it draws near I been getting this warm feeling of anticipation, I know it's sucky but I am getting older lol. I been doing most of the shopping online this year… I am not fighting the crowds!

I am actually physically in Colorado this AM with Andy. It has been snowing like crazy and COLD! He had knee surgery after three months of injury from playing football @ the AF Academy Prep School. His mom nursed him the 1st few days but dad had the joy of getting him out of bed and enduring the screams of pain, hello! But this AM he will prepare to travel with me to Louisiana and home for the holidays. This should be fun going thru the airport…

December the past few years has been a cool month for me personally as I take time to seek the Lord for 2008. All the books I started to read and did not finish, I take with me to the deer stand and finish. Not much deer hunting but to spend quality time with the Lord alone is super. I need it, we all need it… take some time this Christmas season to spend with the Lord. Read the story of Jesus birth and it's impact on our lives… you will be glad you did.

Remember others that Christmas is rough on… work hard to bring smiles to peoples faces. Visit someone you have not seen in a long time. Bring em something special… but mostly bring em your love and care. Speak Merry Christmas to everyone you see… in the back, grocer, etc… it is really cool thing to bring this love to people. I love Jesus for coming to this old world for me.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Report

So we went to church last night and been cooking, cleaning and my wife has all the Christmas decorations up already. I need to take some pics for all to see… it is really something her decorating talents.

So we are set for a good day today as I been up since 4am. I am early bird…The weather has passed and the cool air is bringing refreshing. Praise the Lord!


Tomorrow we are set for a full day of LSU Tiger football. We have tickets and some friends are coming in from Arkansas. It will be crazy with the family going nuts in Tiger stadium.


Folks this is one of those special places/events that if you ever get a chance to do…but the last one on my list is the most important place we need to call home.


College football @ LSU, Tennessee, Michigan, Notre Dame and of course Air Force!


Washington DC

Grand Canyon

Redwood Forest


Himalaya Mountains

Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia

Rome, Paris, Austria

Sri Lanka/India

Heaven with Jesus



This is my list… some of it has been done, others are in the future. Lol…

Ok the strong coffee had me rolling. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and your family…

Monday, October 15, 2007

Family Order...
Seek 1st the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.! Sometimes we get it all out of order the priorities in our lives but when the winds of storm arise it shouldn't take us long to cry out... JESUS SAVE US!
We got some bad reports from tumors in Andy's knee, Sandy had a mass, Luke with spiritual problems, Katie lost her dog, Mary... she is the nun she is always on her game... NOT! Lol... I think you get the picture... the enemy started his bombing raid but Jesus showed he really is stripped of his power. We got good reports all around and MOVING FORWARD!
What do you do when you get hit from every side? I am so thankful today to know the saving benefits of the gospel. Jesus 1st, Sandy 2nd... kids third, ministry comes later. they work together but when the storm comes it is imperative to stand firm, confess the WORD, pray without ceasing, do spiritual warfare and bind the devil, cast him out when he brings 7 spirits more wicked, do all you need to do to get and stay free. Did I say repent/humble yourself? reevaluate your life, your daily walk with the Lord... let the light of the Holy Spirit shine into your heart to reveal things that need to be changed and revive things that need to come alive again that will bring forth life and life more abundantly. Check the attitude, ask forgiveness, take Communion... this leagal action that thwarts the enemies access. oh come on this is good stuff...
Today we are free by His grace and mercy. In Him, JESUS, we live and move and have our being.

Times of Refreshing...

The times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord. The past few years I have been able to attend Perry Stone's annual campmeeting in Dalton, GA. and what a refreshing I get when I go. Perry and Pam do such a great job of hosting these meetings as people come from everywhere to hear the incrdeible teaching and annointed preaching from Perry and other ministers. I got to know Perry through my ole missions running buddy Rusty Domingue as we rendevous @ Perry's meeting to get some Holy Ghost touch on our lives. These meetings are special and God has always moved in a special way for me personally to receive refreshing from heaven.

Leaders need to do like Jesus did by going to the mountain or hanging by the seas shore to seek God. This allows God to change us and give us fresh vision for the mission he has for our life individually. Wow it was tweet @ Perry's and the Lord again confirmed a double portion blessing for the nations in my life. Come on Lord Jesus... refresh us to win the lost of the world.

Run the Race!

I got the invite from Pastor Jerry Stone to attend the Lowe's 500 in Charlotte this past weekend and what a race it was... this was my 2nd NASCAR race to attend as I have been a fan for quite a few years. I love the #24 car driven by Jeff Gordon... and I as the race keeps you sitting on edge for 4 plus hours my main man Gordon continued his championship run with an exciting sprint @ the finsih to win the race.

This made me think of the race we are in to reach heaven. Paul wrote in I Corinthians 9:24 to run the race that we may obtain the prize. He gives us some insight on the next few verses for keys to make sure we "git er done". Check this out... strive for mastery or be a professional Christian. kind of like a professional race car driver. These guys are exact in the details to be under control in the race to position themselves to win/finish the race. Wow I was so blessed as I got to go into the garage area where after long tedious hours of preparation they rolled those perfect machines out to do battle on the long road. I think you get the picture... prepare well to finish well and watch out for those wrecks and spinouts... lol!

Th race was super cool and kudos to Pastor Jerry fand Bojangels Fried Chicken for the invite allowing me to tag along! Git er done... Daylight's Burning!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Research Character

This got me to researching about what is taught at the military academy's of America…

After some evaluations it came down to what came from the cadets.

Three things stood out…

#1 Physical Training (PT) Above all else keep physically fit as depression, malice and vices surfaced from faulty PT.

#2 Read as this provides the background for disciplines. Maxwell is quoted as saying "leaders are readers!"

#3 Take care of subordinates… Be nice as maintain a positive attitude and charismic persona that subordinates can aspire to become.

Wow this is the stuff coming out of the AF Academy, West Point and Annapolis. All these points lead to one thing… Character. I think God is still interested in our character above all else. He lovingly brings opportunities into our life to develop our character no matter what stage of life we are in, we are his children and he cares for us deeper than we will ever realize till we get to heaven.

Jesus worked for 3.5 years on 12 guys to develop their character. He knew they would be battle tested and he wanted to ensure victory in their lives. I love this stuff… but developing character is hard work. We are His workmanship created for good works!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Leviticus 23:27-28 'You must observe it as an official day for holy assembly, a day to deny yourselves and present special gifts to the Lord. Do no work during the entire day because it is the Day of Atonement when offerings of purification are made for you making you right with the Lord your God.'

A long time as a believer I had not experienced the blessing of Yom Kippur. My good friend Perry Stone really opened my eyes to this special day a few years ago and the significance of aligning my personal life with this special day. I have always loved the types and shadows of the Old Testament but man when I started to experience in my own life the blessing of the Day of Atonement! As always this is a special day for Israel and again Sandy and I are looking forward to taking part in this special day.

A great friend of mine told me a story about his Jewish business partner. He asked him, what was the secret to all the wealth and blessing in your life? The Jewish businessman specially pointed out Yom Kippur – The Day of Atonement as one of three significant days to present a special sacrificial offering to the Lord. The Jewish man said on the Day of Atonement he and his family made special provision to attend the synagogue to bring a special sacrificial financial offering to the house of the Lord. The other 2 days being Passover and Pentecost… I love getting the revelation of Jesus' blessing to allow us as Gentiles to be grafted into the vine of the blessings of Abraham.

The concern for financial blessing is the problem with the barn Jesus talked about… we tend to build bigger barns and not obey to use these resources for its main objective… Reach people for Christ. The young rich ruler couldn't give up all he had even though he was a good man and lived a good life. I too understand folk's opinion of the "rich"… more than I use too. We get this perception that others have more than we have… Jesus just asks us to work out our own salvation, our own giving… Trying to keep our own lives lining up with his heart. Jesus is the greatest giver of all! For God so loved the world that he GAVE… his only begotten son…

Jesus wants us to have the BEST life! Living a life of giving sacrificially… I am still working on this in my own life. I tend to be too concerned with future provision. I understand wise planning but I just detest lack… I take comfort today in the Word of God that Jesus paid the price for our lack and atoned for our sins giving us the right to please him by not focusing on the blessing but keeping our focus on the one who blesses, Jesus our King!

So I encourage you to mark your calendar and take a special look at September 22nd… the blessings of the Lord are ALL ours because of Jesus.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I went to meet with Andy's doctor over his knee injury from football and got to spend some quality time in the World Prayer Center @ New Life Church in Colorado Springs. The view out the windows of the front range of the Rocky Mountains and Pike's Peak is breath taking for sure. Anyway it was sweet time seeking the Lord… Real sweet. So I headed to Phoenix on our itineration schedule and through an interesting arrangement of timing I met this old man name Michael. I actually could not find my hotel and stopped in another hotel seeking directions. As I walked in this old man smiles as he brushed past me on his way out the door… the attendant @ this hotel said the old man was a hitchhiker from Palm Springs headed to Cleveland. I got my directions and went outside and saw the old man trying to get through the fence to get back to the interstate highway. I could not help myself as I thought, what could this little old man be doing out here hitchhiking? So I backed up, got him in the car and took him to my hotel room. He had been to this hotel earlier and they had kicked him out I found out… then I told them his story. I could see the sense of guilt wash over their faces but I too understand the resistance to help. If not for Jesus where we find compassion on the broken people in this world? Will we be a good Samaritan or pass them on by?

His story was the same as the hotel clerk said but what I found was a life of brokenness. He had wasted his life savings gambling and @ 83 years old he had nothing. Strangely he was clean and seemed mentally tough… he was a WWII veteran and a prisoner of war in Germany. His wife had passed away a few years ago and he had been alone at his home in CA. He found out his sister of 97 was dying in Cleveland and he wanted to see her before she passed away. So I gathered him up and found a bus station and got him on his way. He cried as I paid his bus fare and said he had never met anyone like me… like me I thought and started to weep too. I pointed him to the one that can change lives and take broken messes and fix them like brand new. We talked awhile and he started to sense that his time on this earth was very short too so I prayed with him and led him to Jesus, then sent him on his way.

Each day the Lord seems to give us something to confront us with a problem that we can fix, that we can minister too. May he continue to keep our hearts tender so we will know what he has for us to do each day… As I write again I weep with joy knowing God had me in the right place @ the right time to help an old man named Michael.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Good report… his mercy sustains us!

"Who has believed our message? To whom has the Lord revealed his powerful arm?" Isaiah 53:1NLT

Labor Day weekend we were in Colorado Springs with our son Andy @ the Air Force Academy Prep School's annual Parent weekend. We were excited to see Andy as he had been gone from home for six weeks and to watch his mama hug her baby boy, LOL! We went to class with him and toured the incredible facility @ the Prep School. The Prep School is exactly what the name implies… Preparation! Prepare the kids to enter the rigors of the Air Force Academy and its military lifestyle. The precision excellence was inspiring as we saw the development of our kids into the BEST. We never dreamed Andy would be in this school and he has been challenged in every aspect of his life. Football has been his ticket to enter the academy and then the unthinkable happened the 1st afternoon we were with him watching him play in his 2nd college football game… Injury. I saw the big tackle perform as us old mean offensive lineman would say "we got him"… a cut block. Andy's knee buckled from the impact and the roll of the #300 pounder over his leg. Andy's leg was flopping as he hobbled off the field and I knew he was in for the first time in his life a trial of pain and endurance. He tried to get back on the field as the trainer had to hide his helmet… he is tough but now the challenge of mental toughness like he has never experienced is facing him. Now he is having to walk alone with God to be his strength and source… growing up is tough at times but necessary for God to develop character in us for his service. Nothing develops character faster than pain and suffering both physically and mentally. When we are laying flat on our backs the blessing is that it makes it a lot easier to look up! Jesus never fails us… whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved!

We spent the remainder of the weekend with him feeding him and getting him a few supplies and a computer monitor for his Xbox (I split the cost with him… this was a 1st). The greatest thing we did all weekend was attend church @ New Life Church (NLC) in Colorado Springs. NLC has been under such a horrible mess with Bro. Ted Haggard's situation. This is the 2nd time we have attended the church and our report is God has broken his people in this local church. We cried in worship with our brothers and sisters' bearing their burdens… it was incredible as the presence of the Lord filled the house. Our report is this body of believers has weathered the storm and the Prince of Peace has accepted the offering of thanksgiving. We listened to the message by Asso. Pastor Rob on 'Maintaining Faith'. This guy is some kind of sharp but I listened to a comment that reflected something I have experienced in my own life. He said… "God has sustained us because we have kept our focus on the mission field in supporting missions and those on the front lines for God." I sat in awe as it took such brokenness to get this revelation. God has sustained us in America by his grace and mercy for one reason… to reach the LOST, those who have never heard the good news of the story of Christ Jesus. Today is 9/11 and I remember where I was on this day… doing a Jesus film campaign in a village in Sri Lanka. America does more to send the gospel to the unreached that any other "Christian" nation in the world. God's hand is still on our lives and our country… Psalms 33:12 says 'Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord'!

We trust the Lord for a good report on Andy's knee and for NLC. They sat in their new pastor this past weekend… God's grace is more than we can think or imagine. Weeping endures for the night but joy comes in the morning… Jesus we love you and thank you for continuing to pour out your grace and mercy upon us for your name to be glorified in the whole earth!

Monday, August 27, 2007

I have been trying to keep up with rescue efforts in Peru since the 8.0 scale earthquake hit the country. Every time a natural disaster hits an area the memory, images and smells of the Tsunami & Katrina hit me hard. To this day we still have ongoing projects in Sri Lanka rehabilitating and rebuilding for the Sri Lankan people impacted by the killer wave. I guess you can't have the mercy, care and love for people until you have gone through things yourself. One thing is for sure, you sure know how to pray…

Pastor Dino Rizzo sent out a call for 20-30 skilled carpenters to go to Peru to help. Missionary/Pastor Robert Barringer is one of the key go to guys for the government of Peru for rescue efforts and has asked for help. They will take care of workers if they can get to Peru… the cost of airfare is about $1000. If you want to help send someone just go online to MAP 1040 and donate online or send a check to MAP 1040 PO Box 8301 Clinton, LA 70722 and designate Peru earthquake.

Luke & I went to see Andy's 1st college football game this past weekend. It was so super to hang with my young men that the Lord has given me. I never had a brother and to watch the special love they have for each other was really special. After the game (they lost to Snow College, #2 ranked JUCO team in the country) we went and had a nice steak. We had not seen Andy since he left 4 CO in early July and he has changed in all areas of his life. He has lost some weight which is not a good thing playing college football but he was fast and sharp on the field. Some plays he did well, others… this is quality competition now as everyone is pretty good! Andy has had to grow up and "toe the line" literally… lol! Next weekend is Parents weekend so I will take my girls and his mama will get to see him, hello.

We also hooked up with Pastor Wayne Hanson and attended his new church plant called Summit Church in Castle Rock, CO Sunday. Wayne and his daughter Gracie went with us to the game also. Their new church is set to impact the south Denver area. I really like that guy and his church…

Luke & I are in the Rockies Mts. a few days now seeking… keep us in your prayers please… I am excited about the future of the next generation that the Lord is raising to impact the nations. The fire of preparation must come for the Lord to use us to be a witness for him. I love Jesus this day for his goodness and mercy to me…

Monday, August 13, 2007

Instruments Only...

We were in a small twin engine turbo prop plane heading to an island off the coast of Panama called Kuna Yala. I got to sit in the first seat behind the cockpit and was in awe of the procedures of flying an airplane. All the air miles I have logged over the past few years had never had me this close to the actual hands on activities of flying an aircraft and I tell you it was something to experience. The take off was so cool as the engines roared on takeoff and we soared over the mountain starring at us. Up, up and away… no it was not Santa and the reindeer but our mission's team onboard heading to minister the gospel. We settled in after a few turbulent bumps at around 24,000 feet to cruise toward our landing strip. The plane moved across the nation from the Pacific side toward the Caribbean Sea. I looked ahead and saw the clouds of the rainy season of tropical Panama and realized we would soon be flying over the clouds. Then it dawned on me we would have to go down through the clouds to land! Our decent was rapid and soon was totally immersed in the thick white clouds. I got to look through the cockpit at what a pilot would see and it was totally white… zero visibility meaning we were flying on instruments only. The Lord started to speak to me about trusting him when we could not see and how to trust our instruments of Faith. During these times of clouds we can trust God's Word to be true and faithful to us to keep us on course.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Air Force Academy Prep School... In ya bid nis!

Andy got off last week to the Air Force Academy Prep School (AFAPS) Basic Military Training located in Colorado Springs, CO by God's grace. We got a call 5 days before he was scheduled to leave saying he had yet to pass his physical as he had high protein in his urine. We flushed him good and got a passsing test 24 hrs b4 he was scheduled to leave. We went and got his things by faith that everything would work out and the Lord blessed as we took him to the airport and sent him to begin his life in the big world.

Did you know that the AF Academy is one of the top 5 academic schools in the US? Sweet...

We have been connecting via the net to many parents with their kids in the school and what a blessing to find out so many are Christians. The Lord has his people in special places for his purposes for sure. Andy has written us 4 letters to date... he loves to write and from what we are gleaning he is doing well. Please pray for him as his world has been turned upside down for a season. He has 2.5 weeks of BMT then 2 a day football practices start... His 1st game is Aug 25th. He was in decent shape b4 he left but he said he lost 10# already and his arms are ripped from doing so many pushups. LOL...We love it yet we miss him... PTL! We ask your prayers as our family is dynamic is changing... it is a good thing. Sandy has cleaned his room out already and Mary is so happy not to have to share a bathroom with her nasty brother.

Ok go to run... headed to Panama next week. Pray for us as we go minister to the Acuna Indians off the Pacific Coast side. They live in the islands off the coast... this should be a real experience.

Daylight's Burning... he comes sooner than we all think. love ya Jesus!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

No excuses!
I was reading some blogs today and got some fired up reading bout missions. I thought about our work and how God is allowing us to live a dream ministering in the nations of the world. I just sat reflecting and such a peace and joy from heaven started to fill my soul knowing this is what we all should be doing with our lives... reaching out to others. We are all on a mission... to see how many people we can bring to heaven with us. This is the only thing we will leave this earth with... the souls of men. May the Lord give us more grace to do more.
This picture is of my daughter Mary and partner in the gospel Johnny Purpera. Mary is 16 now as she celebrated her birthday in Paris. She has such a heart for the nations and yes I watch over her hello. Johnny Purpera recently was in Sri Lanka ministering with us... I mean he was getting it done @ 71. He and his side kick Terry Landry invested their vacation time and now JP's retirement days working in the nations. They have been to SL 3 times and trecked in Nepal. What an example of servitude for Christ... How refreshing for people like this sacrificing, giving and going. May we all make intentional decisions to reach out to others on the mission we have all been given to accomplish in this short time span we call life.

Monday, July 09, 2007

A Billion People in India alone...
India has over a billion people in population now and will soon pass China in growth... so many people, so many lost people. How will we reach them?
I got an email from a friend that had an encounter with a Hindu worshipper from India. Here is some of his note and my response. Let me know what you think..
His note...
I attended a training session in Arizona in early June. There was a guy there from India. I was not sure of his nationality but I had a strong urge to speak with him and discuss his beliefs. I could not quite get over the hurdle but he saw me praying each day over my food and he approached me. We had several discussions about our faiths. He was a Hindu. My question is, are the Hindu or the Budists the big threat to Christinanity in the area you serve? This guy had such a kind spirit I could not imagine violence. I left him with this thought concerning the state of the world today, where Jesus is freedom reigns.
My response...
Sri Lanka is a Buddhist nation and India is Hindu, China is Buddhist, Indonesia is Muslin, USA is Chritian, etc... We have found that whatever the predominant religion of the country, they are the persecutor no matter the religion. The blessing is people in general no matter the religion, i.e. “Christians” claim their religion no matter their lifestyle.
Most Muslims we know are not jihad extremists Muslims as most Hindus and Buddhist… most are moderate in their “faith” and are said worshipper in name only.
I have met some devout Hindu worshippers… like strict vegetarians and goes to the temple daily to worship. As we personally know devout Muslims that pray 3 times a day and fast during Ramadan… Buddhist that go to the temple to reach their kharma in anticipation of reaching a state of eternal peace. Catholicism and Judaism that draws people into religion but miss the mark. Most people clain the religion they are born into... sad to say I did too but oh when I met Jesus. Oh when I asked him if he was real and could he change my life. Oh how I Love Jesus!

Why? Thank you for asking… Jesus brings life and a personal relationship. Jesus is alive and not a statue or inert being in our mind.

How to minister to these people? Love man.. love them, serve them, enjoy their life as a friend. Jesus made friends everywhere he went and then he met their needs… sometimes this make take time but sometime it is instant. The best thing we can do is be kind and respectful, this will open doors into people’s hearts for you to share your life and your relationship with Jesus.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Stories to Tell... We are in Sri Lanka with a team the Lord put together of incredibly talented believers. Mike McCain is here with us doing his drama called "Michael an Eyewitness" and I am telling you the people here have been so moved not to mention just falling in love with sweet little "POP". Mike just hugs on everybody and has been such a blessing to all of us. Kera McMiller and her dad Ron from Houston, TX finally made it to Sri after 4 days of flight delays and cancellations. We are so happy they have come as when Kera dances the glory of the Lord starts to come down. She has created all her dances and has a bright future ahead of her. This was her "senior trip" to go minister in the nations... Superb. Her dad Ron fell right in with his gifting and has organized the sound for all the 12 performances we have done in Sri Lanka. Yes sir 12 performances in 7 different cities! Then David & Missy Leto are dear friends from Cornerstone Church in Amite, LA arrived with Sandy to complete our league of performing artists... oh yea this was a smooth approach.
One pastor here said of 25 plus years of ministry he has seen a lot but this has moved him to a new and fresh revelation of the age ole story of Christ Jesus death, burial and resurrection. I was blown away...
Now let me tell you about a great duo team from Louisiana, Johnny Purpera & Terry Landry has come to Sri again to minister this is 3rd time to Sri. I challenged them quite abit as they were sent to Sri Lankan prsions to minister & out station local churches to preach. They had to take their shoes off and wade a creek to get to one church. the challenge was me not informing them of where they were going and to whom they were to minister. They just obeyed the command to GO... These guys saw over 100 come to Christ in a prison meeting that they were told to not try and convert the prisoners. The prisoners wanted to stay and hear the story... Jesus does the rest. We are to just GO and tell the story.
My sister Tish is here again and just was over joyed with the visit to Home of Hope in Kandy She has such a heart for kids that just blows me away. She twisted her knee and had some dental work done and oral surgery here. I sent her alone to get this done but I knew where she was and who she was with... I had to put this in cause my parents read this blog and will blame me... we are training them to GO! The 1st step is to get over the fear, hello!

So I will tell a few stories of some of our adventures... like we got charged by some elephants and Mary got attacked by a snake and Terry was @ a church that had a "Blue Cross"... he works @ BC in the US. Johnny Purpera @ 71 years old on the mission field doing it up for Jesus.
Then Mike McCain off the chain with his love for Jesus spilling over to the people in Sri Lanka.
Then the team gettting excited over being checked @ security stops... David Leto talking about a bomb in his wife's purse in the airport in London and not getting arrested... Crazy! My heart is strong to take all this excitement. Pray for us we still got several days left...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Snares & Traps...

Here is a story I had in my draft file... thought you might like to get some real deal stuff from my life.

I was listening to some folks talking about there high adventures @ a local redneck breakfast joint recently... I just sat and listened to them laugh at the "fun" and hung my head in shame just so they would not see my countenance. As I rode home I got to thinking about snares and traps of this old world and how the devil makes fun so enticing.

Years ago I loved trapping wild critters like coons, foxes and bobcats. Oh I cleverly would set the trap... so I understand how we are drawn into this dilema. I especialy loved catching foxes. now they were slick little willies but I got pretty adept at out foxing the fox. You see it was all based around pride and self. There was one fox that was constantly stealing the bait and tripping the old steel clamp type trap. So I got a bucket of dirt and ran the trap thru the mound I built and set it on top... in the wide open. The bait was laid @ the base of the mound but the placement of the dirt was on top of a hill overlooking the field below. The fox took the bait of pride and jumped on top of the hill to look out not even bothering with the bait...

Uncle Son was lieing in bed and called my dad to come see him. He had been sick in bed for quite some time and daddy asked me to go with him to pray for his old uncle. What I saw was shocking as this old man lay in a bed of despair from years of drinking rot gut whisley. the stench of vomit and death filled the old room with bare wooden walls. All the money for a decent home had gone into a bottle and the fruit was a life shattered with heart ache. I got angry @ the devil for his deception to my old uncle and pulled up a chair to his bed side to hear his story.

I asked him why Uncle Son, why did you let it get to this stage? Why could not you stop the daily torment of a taste of liquor? I thought his answer would be something like, " I just loved the taste or the delirious high" but it was not anything like I expected he would say... here is is story.

Uncle Son was a WWII veteran and he began to tell me his story of the day of the Normandy invasion or what we call D-Day. This day in history He made it off the PT boat and splashed onto the beach... he said I never dug a hole so fast in my life that day in the sand with the bullets whizzing past me. I crawled int he hole and began to shoot at the Germans as they started to pour down on us. I would shoot and shoot and shoot bodies falling everywhere, limbs flying through the air, etc... the lull would come and the shooting would begin again. Never knew all the hunting I did in as a kid growing up in Amite County would help keep me alive these days on this beach. For 19 days we went through this same routine... the shooting, the dieing, the cries of men hurting and in pain. 19 days I was n that foxhole, 19 days that changed my life forever. I cralwed out of that foxhole into a whiskey bottle after those 19 days and have never been able to put those days behind me.

My dad and I cried as he took a swig of whiskey and grimmaced a smile then leaned over and pucked it up into a 5 gallon bucket. The hurt and pain on the inside had never had a chance to heal. Vices and sin in people's lives are often the result of a deep wound and hurt the enemy has scarred their life with... Uncle Son was in desperate to forgive need of a savior and to forgive himself of those 19 days in Normandy.

We prayed with him and it was sad to see this man wilting away... Lord teach us to watch the snares and traps of this life.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Precious... The Mack Attack?

No I am not talking about McDonald's! I am talking our youngest daughter Mary. When she was born she had this cute black hair all over her body. She has been the sweetest kid and yes I am biased but if you get the privaledge of hanging out with this kid you will be in for a treat.

The "Mack" nickname came from the old nursery rhyme. Mary Mack all dressed in black with silver buttons all down her back... I really don't know what this means but it brings a cute expression and personality that Mary has in her life. she sent this 1st picture to me when I was in Vietnam just her way of saying Hi Dad I love and miss you. She got this cute hair cut and I thought it was to prepare for the heat of summer and the heat in Sri Lanka. Little did I know she had grown her hair to help raise money and for her hair to be used for wigs to bless cancer patients that loose their hair to chemotherapy. Take a look a the 12 inches of mop she cut off her head. Well done dear child...

Mary "Mack" just finished her junior year of high school and has a full summer of ministry trips ahead of her. We leave for Sri Lanka in a few days and will celebrate her 16th birthday in Paris on her return home. She has taken French the past two years and we are going to let her guide us through Paris... Oh I sense an adventure of sorts. When she returns she has trips to south Florida and to a youth conference in Birmingham before she returns to start her junior year.

Wow in 2 less than 2 years Sandy and I will have all our kids out of high school! YEA... FREEDOM is soon to be upon us. Thanks Mack for being such a blessing to us and all who know you. Dad

Friday, June 08, 2007

Living in the FOG...
This picture of me in Vietnam is kind of protrays what jet lag is like hello! Everything is speeding by you and you are like in slow motion. We were just walking the streets of Ho Chi Minh City enjoying the sites, smells and sounds of another culture of people that Jesus died and rose again for. HCMC was interesting and I look forward to returning to Nam in the very near future.

Now FOG living is a crazy life. When I worked shift work @ ExxonMobil Corporation; swapping back and forth from night shift to day shift, my life was in a perpetual state of change. Shifting back and forth will not allow you to get into routine because just when you get your body clock adjusted, wham your back to another cycle. Traveling around the world is just like this... jet lag. I kind of chuckle thinking about how I detested the shift work but all along God was training and preparing me and my family for this ministry. I complained so much about shift work living even though I grew up in a home with this same life style. I spoke out of my mouth for years that I lived in a FOG... little did I know when I accepted Jesus the FOG came upon me.

Then the Lord spoke to my heart one day in Sri Lanka after much travel and feeling funky and whiny about the FOG. He said the FOG was an acronym... I pondered this until it dawned on me like the dawn of a new day with the sun rising in it's glory and splendor.
Living in the FOG is simply living in the Favor Of God! Oh come on this a good rev for me again now. No matter how you feel or what you have done when we live under the sacrifice of Christ bloodshed and the power of his resurrection we have direct current to the FOG. Sweet FOG... undeserved FOG... Blessed life of living in the FOG.
So if you have been feeling mully grubbed and maybe have made some mistakes and blown it a few times this week or today, lift up your hands and by faith embrace the FOG. Don't trust your emotions, the bad report or even what your eyes see. The FOG is upon you... to bless you and keep you.

Next week again we head to Sri Lanka with the FOG. Let the FOG lead you in your life... I promise you can trust the FOG! Proverbs 3:3-5

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Snap Beans and Cornbread...

The back door eased open as daddy and mama came in from their ride to Louisiana in his new pickup truck. Daddy had called earlier in the day and I told him I was cooking fresh snap beans... did not take long for him to organize mama for a ride to my house for supper. It sure was good to see my parents still healthy (with normal aches and pains for their age) and happy. Daddy called and tipped me off that they were coming so I slapped a big pan of cornbread (yes I used Jiffy) into the oven in anticipation of them coming for supper. I smiled as I saw them go back for 2nds for the Mississippi staple... fresh snap beans and cornbread. Cornbread to us pure blood red necks is like ice cream so you make extra for a late night snack with some sweet milk but I do know some who like the ole butter milk... yuk! I had my son Luke go out and pick another small bucket of snap beans for them to take home to Mississippi.

I was suffering from severe jet lag but their presence seemed to wash all the symptoms away letting me know everything is going to be alright. Grey heads and smiles let me know that we can weather the storms of life by allowing the Lord to lead us through... daddy and mama as with all parents has had their share of battles but I have seen the Lord sustain them through it all. I smiled as the Lord kept speaking to me as they sat and worked on the sweetness of those snap beans... It was worth the effort to plow, plant and harvest to watch my family enjoy.

My parents are getting older and crave my time and I long to spend more time with them now. Funny how things come full circle. You can not wait to leave them seem to never get the time to get back. I was so happy they came for supper and for the Lord providing from the seed we planted 6 weeks ago. You never can tell what kind of blessing your seed will bring you when you plant it... don't hesitate get the seed into the ground and allow God to bless you and your family.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

23 years married to this chick!

Nothing comes without sacrifice as this time frame in Vietnam is Sandy and I's 23rd wedding anniversary. My best friend and bride of my life Sandy is @ home with our kids. Miss that chick while here in the 1040 window… We will make up for lost time next week the Lord willing… Sandy is such a sweet heart and blessing not just to me but a great example to believers the importance of having a positive attitude on life. She is the "yes" in our family… I am the "NO" when the kids ask to go somewhere and especially when they ask for money! I say no every time… I got to get over this and the longer I live with Sandy I am getting better. She faithfully follows my lead and is a wonderful wife and super mother. The way she has nurtured our kids to be strong has been nothing short of miraculous.

The Bible is true that the husband is the head of the wife… I added this next part forgive me… the wife is the neck, she turns the head wherever she wants! LOL…! Not really but it is incredible how we work together and how the Lord balances our lives together. When one of us is low or hurt the other picks up the slack, when we laugh together we both laugh… one of the big perks of being married is to have someone to share life together with… the good and the bad. I love marriage vows! The words are Vows to the Lord… till death do us part.

Sandy if you read my blog(she is such a computer communicator NOT!)… I love you and not ashamed to tell the world how Jesus gave you to me when I did not deserve such a beautiful virgin girl. You are my lover and best friend... being married to you is a dream come true for me not to mention the perks of living with an Italian blood girl... SWEETNESS! What sacrifice you have made to bring 4 great kids into this world and to make our life together an adventure. You make our house a home and keep us all in line especially me... Thank you lovey dove. May Jesus allow all your dreams and hopes to come true and I get to share it with you forever! Can't wait to get home and hold your hand…

Tools for the Gospel...

Jack said something that I know was from the heart of God as he ministered to the leaders and I just sat back and began to get some rhema rev on the tools we were putting into the leaders hands. God will give us the tools we need to get the job done. Computers, printers, office supplies, books, Bibles, money, etc… all are tools to get the job done. What the Lord cries out for are men and women willing to use these tools, willing to work with sweat, tears and sacrifice to reach the lost... The Lord gives us all things for one purpose... to reach the lost!

I remembered my days as a millwright machinist and the better the tool, the easier the job was completed safely and swiftly. An old journeyman mechanic always told me… “ watch me son, every move a picture…” as we would work on these huge pieces of machinery aligining them to within thousandths of an inch to allow these machines to run at super high speeds without flying to pieces. God was training me to use tools... Tools of the trade!

My prayer is the tools we get are being used to the best of the craftsman ability. I want to be able to tell the believers… “watch me, every move a picture…”

The Lord is giving use the best tools ever known to man to expedite the gospel to the spiritually hungry and thirsty in the 1040 window. Is GOD stirring you to provide the tools (somebody had to supply the tools) or better yet, become a skilled user of these tools to reach the lost?

Making a Difference… Vietnam
Rolled into ‘Nam looking out the plane window @ the old Quonset hut barracks made out of concrete that housed US fighter planes during the Vietnam war. I was just a teenager during those days and went to several funerals in our town of friends that came back home in a box. Remember I had a dream one night of going into ‘Nam with an arm load of Bibles…
When Jack Harris called and invited me to “donkey” some computers and hardware to ‘Nam I jumped at this chance. I know it would be a little risky but felt the peace to get up and GO! Jack and Sherry Harris have been ministering to the underground church in ‘Nam since ’91 and have been careful to not spoil the relationships built in ‘Nam so I was pumped to be invited to get in on this project. Jack is fitting into the next move of evangelism of digitally communicating the gospel. Together Jack, Sherry, Steve Smith and I brought in 11 computers, 3 external hard drives (one with the International School of Ministry loaded up), 3 video ipods, and forty six 1g USB storage devices to give to the leaders of the church in ‘Nam. Jack has asked us to partner with them to equip the church leaders in Vietnam with 100 laptops and video ipods. We listened to the testimonies of how the Lord had answered the prayers of these leaders by getting this technology and equipment to them. Church leaders across denominations (Pentecostals, Baptists, Mennonites, CoG, AOG, u name it) came in a moment’s notice to this meeting with nothing but a phone call that God had something special to bless the church with. Serious… no prior scheduled meeting just a call and we meet, drop everything you are doing and get over to this unannounced meeting. Whoa what dedication and trust among these leaders!
When we went to the meeting arranged to get these leaders together as I had been in ‘Nam for an hour. I love not wasting time… Daylight’s Burning… we went straight to the meeting and gave out the computers and equipment. I was jetlagged big time but refreshed listening to the joy of thankfulness coming from the pastors as they received the tools to communicate the gospel. Persecution of the church is still paramount in ‘Nam as one pastor spoke of the government taking his computer for the 10th time but God always gives him another. Another pastor humbly told this was the most valuable gift she had ever received in her life, another told of his prayer for a video ipod and the Lord gave him a laptop back as he had given his to a church leader headed to North Vietnam, another pastor told of his wife praying for a USB device for three months as her husband’s got broken but the amazing part is the 1gig USB is a month’s salary… slammed me as I sat stunned…Along with the 3 computers I got to bring into ‘nam was one in my closet that would not stay on by battery; it had been in my closet for 2 years in my eyes broken and unusable. We all no matter the culture or situation have things in our lives that seem broken and unusable but Jesus will open our eyes to use these tools for the gospel; Time to clean out our closets maybe and have a garage sale for missions? Yea… The leaders were rejoicing for the tools and I sat thinking how we have so much in our closest that can be used for the gospel. These tools will be used to bring the church in Vietnam to the next level of discipling new believers. We all expressed such a joy of fulfillment to be apart of blessing the persecuted church. I was so thankful for the friends in America that are dedicated to the ministry as to financing this trip and all the ministry we are doing in the 1040 window. I weep this early morning with a thankful heart to the Lord and for my pastor and board members, our intercessor team, financial partners and my wonderful family that entrust us to GO win the Lost, be a witness, make disciples, tell the good news of Jesus’ love for all mankind. Yea I am little emotional thinking of how God has brought me from a young boy dreaming of Vietnam to a missionary carrying the good news to the nations. Thank you for adding to the crown we all shall throw at his feet when we see him in Glory!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Zachary High School Baseball State Champions 2007
Luke and I went and watched ZHS win the class 4A state championship in baseball this past week. Wow it was awesome to watch them kids and brought back memories of when I played on a state championship football team when I was a freshman in high school. We still get together and celebrate as team members even though I was just a blocking dummy during those days. But I endured the punishment and did not quit to get the glory of the taste of being a champion.
This made me think of the greatest champion I have ever know, my Lord Jesus Christ! He endured for us so we could be champions! Oh come on that is a great revelation... he never quit, he finished and over came death, hell and the grave so we could have victory over sin and defeat. I love being on a champioship team that will last forever!
Special Mission to Vietnam...
Steve Smith with Global Messenger took a picture of some of the equipment we will be bringing into Vietnam. This is a smuggling operation to equip the underground church in 'Nam with the Bibel and materials.

Ask all our blog readers to lift us up in prayer as we enter/exit Vietnam.

May 17, 2007


After we were in Vietnam last year, we saw how vital it was to the Leaders who received the USB drives that we gave away on that trip. They were to be used to transfer Bible School lessons and other important data around the nation. In a land where that freedom is not afforded openly, it was a God send.

We return this year armed with laptops and USB drives to give away loaded with Bible Schools, the Vietnamese Bible, and many other study and curriculum books. We leave this morning and we ask for your prayers. Last year we received letters from the immigration police for the purpose of interrogation and thankfully we were able to avoid that. We press on to helping to change the world and thank you for everything you do to help us accomplish that.

Here is a picture of the laptops being prepared for our journey. It is time to launch! (Phase 1)

Global Messenger Service

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stressin... Missions 21st century
I have been having a few sleepless nights thinking about the war increase in Sri Lanka. The bombing of the airport with a small airplane has closed the international airport @ night. We have a big team going into the country in June. Sandy, Mary, my sister Tish, David Leto & his wife Missy, Mike McCain with his drama, Terry Landry and Johnny Purpera and myself are set... then the reports of more bombings. Well if we had to leave tomorrow I guess we would again trust our lives into the hands of Jesus and GO. Missions has always been hazardous and a complete trust in the Lord. Old school missionaries went by ship or in caravan across many miles. Things have changed but the challenge of getting the gospel is still very risky business. Paul even knew that trouble awaited him yet he was determined in his heart to use his life for the furtherance of the gospel. I am willing yet I stress when I think of my wife and kids, my friends and their courage to go to the nations.
This picture was taken as we water baptized people in the war zone of SL 2 years ago... We can not get into that area now but took the chance then to GO. Jesus give us more faith and lessen the fear!
Pray for us as we prepare...

We will be bringing computers to senior leaders in Vietnam next week so we ask your prayers. The laptops cost $1250 with all the accessories and we need to buy a few more as our goal is to bring 10 into the country... The Lord always provides! Ever since I left Exxon, the Lord has never not failed to supply in abundance as we focus on getting the gospel to lost people no matter where we travel but always where he leads... These computers (laptops) will get the Bible into the hands of pastors, translators and leaders to be a great resource in helping build the persecutes nderground church in Vietnam. We are also bring USB devices like 80 GB ipod that can be plugged into just about any TV or computer and yes sir the Bible and International School of Ministry curriculum will all be downloaded on the device. Sweet!
Pray as we prepare... I am meeting with pastors and leaders to raise the resources for our projects with this being a big one. We look to Jesus to move on the hearts of his people.
We must all the preach the gospel, but if necessary use words a famous guy name St. Francis said... Actions speak louder than words what we say in our home. So we GO to Vietnam...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Love my small group in the woods @ the old Cabin...

One of the greatest meetings I get to attend is a group of men that meet in Port Hudson, LA. Each Wednesday morning they come from near and far for coffee, reading of the Word, discussion of various spirit led topics and prayer. Gosh I value this group as the one thread of integrity about this particular meeting is that what is said in the walls of that old cabin stays inside the walls. The men that attend come from all walks of life, various stages of spiritual maturity but everyone with a heart for fellowship with Jesus and one another. I want to encourage the readers of this blog to connect with a small group for fellowship, accountability and prayer. The bonds formed in small group meetings are "out of this world". Let me know what "flavor" of small group you are connected into... I will report on the results.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Indian fire blower...

When Luke and I were in India we got to get in some culture... it was incredible as we stayed @ a the prince of the state of Rajastan's summer cottage and got the royal treatment!!! This guy in the picture filled his mouth with kerosene and became a walking fire blower! I was shocked and relieved that he did not blow his face off... only in Incredible India!

We have ben so busy preparing for this summer's ministry that I keep putting the blog on the back burner sorry... and please forgive me, yes u got too!

Sandy says I spend too much time @ the puter now... Been doing sme serious seeking this weekend after the ARC conference in Texas. Some incredible pastor's and leaders spoke that really stirred us all to seek his face. Got a feeling that a great move of holiness is moving God's people as more of his power is going to be needed to reach the nations.

Next few weeks will be preparing for Vietnam... more on that later.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Been up most of night reading Finney...
Check this out.
Now this is the natural result of faith in Christ. All selfishness is sin. But mark! it is not selfishness for a man to have a proper regard for his own salvation; but it is for him to regard his own salvation only, and care not for the salvation of his neighbour. Suppose a man cares ever so much about his own salvation, but cares not for the salvation of his neighbour, this is supreme selfishness right on the face of it; and the more intensely anxious a man is about his own soul, if he cares nothing about the salvation of his neighbour, the more intensely selfish he is. This should always be understood. Men that are very regular at the means of grace, and who make their own salvation a matter of deep concern, but who after all care little or nothing for the salvation of others, are deceiving themselves--trusting in a false refuge. Why it is perfectly plain in such cases that their religion is mere selfishness. For let me ask, where does the Bible allow men to make any separate, selfish interest their great object of pursuit? The teaching of Christ is, "thou shalt love they neighbour as thyself," and Christ himself acted upon this principle, and the apostles did so too; instead of making their own enjoyment, happiness, or salvation the great end of pursuit, they laid themselves out for the good of the world. And further, this is the true way for a man to secure his own salvation; by caring for the salvation of others. "Whosoever will save his life," said Christ, "shall lose it; but whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it."

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tsunami of People...
Luke and I will meet a fresh wave of internally displaced peoples from the renewed civil war fighting in Sri Lanka. We have been contacted to go meet this massive wave of needy people with some sort of help. I know what this means as again we reach to needy people without basic toiletries and food. I am kind of overwhelmed this evening as I write this as I detest being limited to help. 100,000 people... I know what it will take, $100,000 is only a dollar per person but I am honestly tired of asking tonite and getting the "here comes the missionary look". I will continue to ask as it is not for me, it is to help relieve some hunger or pain, milk for a baby crying, medicines and blankets... I do know what will cost very little; a smile and a heart of compassion and love.
When the tsunami hit in 2004 we were in the battle, then Katrina, the refugee camps in Somalia, the lepers in India, etc... Human suffering gets to be a heavy load but we all know what the answer is... Jesus! They that call upon the name of the Lord will be saved, Romans 10:13
We ask your prayers and call to action...
Here is a report of the fresh wave of people displaced from their homes from the fighting in Sri Lanka.
More than 100,000 people displaced in east Sri Lankan district after heavy fighting
Associated Press, Sat March 10, 2007 13:38 EST . COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) _ The number of refugees in eastern Sri Lanka went past 100,000, after heavy fighting in rebel-held parts of the island has forced 15,000 civilians to flee their homes in the past two days, the Red Cross said on Saturday.
Battles have escalated in recent days between government troops and separatist Tamil Tiger rebels in parts of the country's rebel strongholds, after a few weeks' lull.
International Committee of the Red Cross official Davide Vignati said that since November about 105,000 displaced people have fled to government-controlled refugee camps in the eastern district of Batticaloa _ the largest number of displaced persons in one district.
The Tigers have been fighting since 1983 to create a separate state in the north and east for the country's ethnic Tamil minority, following decades of discrimination by the Sinhalese majority. The conflict left about 65,000 people dead before the government and rebels signed a Norway-brokered cease-fire in 2002.
However, renewed fighting has left about 4,000 more people dead and at least 200,000 displaced in Sri Lanka since late 2005, when the cease-fire faltered, European truce monitors say.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Vision of 911...
Sandy and I got to visit NYC a few weeks ago and I thought about telling our twist of the events of 911. We were living in Sri Lanka when this day to remember happened in 2001. The kids and I along with a team of our Sri Lankan brothers were in a small village showing the Jesus film. We had a great time of ministry and were on our return home when Sandy called and told us the news. By the time we got home we walked into view the 2nd plave slamming into the World Trade Centers. What a horrible site... I will never forget!

A few days before this day, a dear friend of ours had called me troubled... she is a widow lady that spends her days in prayer and fasting before the Lord. she had a vision of NYC covered in a white fire of ash over all the buildings this cloud enveloped. She brought to my home a picture she drew with this cloud over the city and hundreds of people on top of this cloud hovering over two tall buildings. Sandy and I reassured her that the Lord would show us what the meaning of her vision was and we both trembled when the vision became reality. We sat stunned for hours glued to the TV in Sri. We had a team from North Carolina in Sri and they could not leave for a week. The Sri Lankan people resonded with flowers and cards of sympathy during these days.
The Lord really let us understand who we are as a nation. Pslams 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In a pit, with a Lion, on a Snowy Day...
I was in Memphis last week ministering @ the Life Church of Memphis and visiting with my good friend Pastor John Siebeling. He gave me this cool book to read by Mark Batterson who is a pastor and author from our nations capital. I have been working through this book and really getting a sense that the Lord was just encouraging me to stay strong and focused on my call to the nations. Well then a God moment happened yesterday that just energized my life. I was visiting Bethany World Prayer Center with my pastor Scott Hornsby and his staff as we got to tour the south campus facility... Amazing! A long time friend of mine and great man from Blairstown, LA. (yea we all know where that is...) Mike Townsend and I were just staring in awe @ the flags of the nations and he asked me where the Sri Lankan flag was amongst the hundreds of flags of the nations hanging in Bethany's auditorium. Mike and I eased over to get a better view of the flag and when I looked up... there it was hanging in front of me this flag with a huge lion covering most of the flag.
This book comes from II Samuel 23:20-21 stand point of Benaiah's exploits and how he went into a pit with a lion on a snowy day. I am just getting into the book but here is my take so far... what would you do if you were face to face with a lion? RUN!!! But with God's power on the inside of us we run at the lion... God allows us to become lion chasers. Son this will preach! I shared to 100 kids @ Zachary High's Fellowship of Christian Athletes yesterday and ministered to them that God thought of them as Lion chasers... grab ahold of the lion's mane you are facing in your life and fall of into the pit and let the power of God allow you to overcome the snowy conditions and over whelming odds to crawl out more than a conqueror. I am excited and this is only chapter 1...

Monday, February 26, 2007

50 years of bliss...
Our family got to enjoy one of the greatest days as we celebrated with Sandy's parents their 5oth wedding anniversary. JB and Mary Ellen Gulotta got married February 28, 1957 and started their adventure of life together. All 6 of their children and families gathered together to laugh,cut the cake and walk down memory lane. Sandy's parents are from the Independence/ Loranger area... yes sir some serious Italian roots here as I chuckled watching them eat all the food. Brought back the memory when I first went to Sandy's family's home... They always have red gravy and spaghetti for Sunday lunch but that Sunday they made a plate of fried chicken (coated in Italian bread crumbs) just for me. I am so thankful the Lord brought these people into my life. I could have never have asked for better in laws and the Lord gave me the BEST in Sandy.

Ok let stay focused on the 50 years... Sandy just keeps me messed up. Well the day was pristine and perfect weather as the sunshine and cool spring like day brought such a special presence. I know the Lord smiled as 50 years of marriage is the real deal. Sandy and I have been married 23 years and it is like super amazing but can you imagine 50 years! Marriage is one of the foundational anchors in every culture of the world. Just to witness 50 years of faithfulness is so wonderful... What a great example of living life dedicated to the institution of marriage that the Lord established from the beginning. Our church has been doing a series of messages on marriage recently and has highlighted again to me how God ordained structure in our lives with marriage and family. Yes families have chaos at times but that does not change marriage. Marriage is paramount and above all... I love being married... it is awesome! Yes it is a lot of work (Sandy is no problem just challenging and I love a challenge,LOL)... 50 years of work in a marriage with all the changes of life. This my friend is an accomplishment I am striving for in the future. Take a moment and thank God for your spouse and marriage or if you are not married... thank the Lord for your future! I promise he keeps his word and will give you the marriage of your dreams. Those of us already married are living our dream... I love being married to Sandy, she makes me complete... sounds like a movie!

Monday, February 12, 2007

The BEST...

Air Force it is... he made his choice and we were so happy. The Lord really closed all the doors and showed him the correct path to take in many confirming ways... Army @ West Point was inspiring and had a special Wow factor. Can you imagine West Point? The premier military academy in the world offers you an opportunity to become an officer and you decline... it had to be the Lord but the premier Air Force Academy in the world had already won his allegiance in spirit. He told the head coach @ AF he had given his word to go to WP and visit. Coach Calhoun smiled and told him to go keep his word and follow his heart. So away we went to New York... We all soon realized the hard decision it would be for Andy but we believed the deciding factor was the prayers of mom and dad for their children. Parents can shape the destiny of their childrens lives in prayer!

In Colorado, Andy got to plug into New Life Church in Colorado Springs as this was the pinnacle prayer for his mom and I . We know the importance of staying plugged in to a great local church. New Life has one of the best college ministries in America. Andy has been diligent and the Lord rewarded him with the BEST not just what is good. Too many times we settle for what is good but Jesus wants to give us the BEST for our lives to fulfill his purpose on this earth. Thanks for praying for us during this time of positioning our family for the next few years.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Air Force or Army?

Last weekend Sandy, Andy and myself traveled to Colorado Springs to visit the Air Force Academy (AFA) as Andy got an official visit from Air Force football to visit the school as a football recruit. We had a blast and were awed by the AFA. Our country spares no expense to train officers to lead our nation. We were in awe and humbled to be there not to mention the invite to play football. The Chapel @ the AFA has been under fire for it's "religious proselitization" the past 2 years but still is a draw for those searching for the Lord no matter who complains.

This weekend we will be in West Point, NY as Andy takes his final visit to decide where he will go to school and play football. Many schools in our local area had recruited Andy but one by one the Lord started to close the doors for one reason or another. Now the only two left are the academies. Talk about the Lord moving a young man toward his destiny. Our whole family is rejoicing as this story unfolds. One of our prayers for him is to have a great local church in the area where he goes to college. We got attend New Life Church in CS and happy to report the church is recovering from the problems with their leader. The spirit of the Lord was strong in the congregation as 15K believers worshipped with such a spirit of humility and repentance. We were excited to see how the Lord takes care of his church. The power of prayer is prevailing over the sin and deception. When I went into the prayer center the power of the Holy Spirit over shadowed me as I started to weep. Man it was sweet...
I took communion @ the table of the Lord and was assured of God's mercy to us.
YOu knew I would get off football and family when it comes to JESUS, hello!
When we put kingdom of God 1st in our lives, all the other things line up.
Ask your prayers for Andy in his decision and for our family as we fulfill our destiny and complete HIS purpose. All things work together for good...