Thursday, July 19, 2007

Air Force Academy Prep School... In ya bid nis!

Andy got off last week to the Air Force Academy Prep School (AFAPS) Basic Military Training located in Colorado Springs, CO by God's grace. We got a call 5 days before he was scheduled to leave saying he had yet to pass his physical as he had high protein in his urine. We flushed him good and got a passsing test 24 hrs b4 he was scheduled to leave. We went and got his things by faith that everything would work out and the Lord blessed as we took him to the airport and sent him to begin his life in the big world.

Did you know that the AF Academy is one of the top 5 academic schools in the US? Sweet...

We have been connecting via the net to many parents with their kids in the school and what a blessing to find out so many are Christians. The Lord has his people in special places for his purposes for sure. Andy has written us 4 letters to date... he loves to write and from what we are gleaning he is doing well. Please pray for him as his world has been turned upside down for a season. He has 2.5 weeks of BMT then 2 a day football practices start... His 1st game is Aug 25th. He was in decent shape b4 he left but he said he lost 10# already and his arms are ripped from doing so many pushups. LOL...We love it yet we miss him... PTL! We ask your prayers as our family is dynamic is changing... it is a good thing. Sandy has cleaned his room out already and Mary is so happy not to have to share a bathroom with her nasty brother.

Ok go to run... headed to Panama next week. Pray for us as we go minister to the Acuna Indians off the Pacific Coast side. They live in the islands off the coast... this should be a real experience.

Daylight's Burning... he comes sooner than we all think. love ya Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you have a blogspot Mr. Luke.

I met you in Baton Rouge at a Missions LifeGroup. You kept us interested and stirred our hearts.

Hope the best for you adventures to come and your boy-


Tracy Hasse said...

Hi there! I'm Tom Waller's daughter, the one who graduated from USAFA in 1997. I also taught for a year at the Prep School, so I'm intimately familiar with what Andy is going through! I'm sure he's doing terrific, and my husband and I will check in on him when we return to the Springs in Sept for my 10-year reunion. Will you be making the trip for Parents' Weekend? Please don't hesitate to let me know if you ever have any questions!

jason laird said...