Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shasta Dam, Shasta Lake and Shasta Mountain

I am in Northern California with Nick and Linda Rogers today. Nick & Linda were with us most of fall 05'coordinating hurricane Katrina relief for Forward Edge International out of Portland, OR. Nick is a retired colonel with the US Army and played football @ Oregon State in the late 60's. These northern California folks are just awesome as too my great surprise the people outside of LA and San Fran are extremely conservative. Loads of great churches and people with a heart after God live up here in the north not to mention it is opening of deer season and they are as rabid about huntin as we are from south Louisiana! We are making some great contacts here and just being with Nick and Linda and their family has been wonderful.

My Main Man, Justin Rogers!

Fall means FOOTBALL!

Well the last trip we took was planned to give us the fall to take a "break", hang with the family and enjoy Andy playing his senior year of football @ Zachary High School. Well I volunteered to show our house which meant a total refurbishmnet of the old house, painting 2 old houses and carpentar work, visiting potentail colleges like La Tech in the pic and ministering weekends has just bout got me tired. Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew but the Lord gives us grace to get the job done just in time to keep your wife off your back, hello!