Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jack Harris and Luke Walters


Wow talk about awesome to spend a few days with our dear friends Jack and Sherry Harris in St. Louis. Jack and Sherry head up Global Messenger Service (GSM) impacting the world with creative evangelism and developing leaders in the nations. Their website is check em out! Jack & Sherry have become such a mentors in our ministry and we are forever indebted to Jesus for their pouring into Sandy and me. They are the type people that will stand with you back to back in battle. We have a few folks like this in our lives and I just love that kind of relationship that is not superficial and a facade.

We are planning to partner with GMS for work in southeast Asia in the near future. Just the thought of again in the nations with these great people excites me. Sherry's brother, Steve Smith works with them and he too is a mover and shaker for the kingdom. Steve puts out a weekly EHope that sometimes just stuns me as God really speaks to my heart. If you want to get his ehope, drop your email in comments and we will hook you up.

So it was great to be with Jack and Sherry, their girls and son in law Bobby to dream for the nations, dream for the lost and hungry people of the world. Keep Jack and Sherry in your prayers as they head out to speak at a huge biker rally in Brazil next week. I know the Lord is about to again use them to bring the message of hope in Jesus! We love God even more for allowing Jack and Sherry to be in our lives... Keep Dreaming!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

All Access - ARC 2008

I had been back in the US for 2 days before we drove to Birmingham for the All Access ARC conference @ Church of the Highlands. Wow talk about encouraged as God stepped into all who came for a word in season and a mandate challenge for church planting. Billy Hornsby and the leaders of ARC really have a big vision but they also have incredible infrastructure for leaders to launch a successful life giving church.

I was tired before I left but anticiapted being with all the great pastors we partner with @ the ARC. But I had this longing to be with Sandy... originally we had planned for her to stay in Louisiana with the kids but after the 1st night I persuaded her to saddle up and make the 6 hour ride to be with me. It was a drink of cold water just having her presence with me and the great pleasure to show her off to all our friends. After she arrived and graced my life again I felt complete with her beside me. Wow do I love that girl!

Ok enuf mushy stuff... Pastor Chris Hodges kicked the 1st night off with a moving sermon that really connected everyone into what is takes to do God's will... Thxs Chris for the Word, the love and doing an incredible job of hosting us in the new facility! Then the sessions... some of the cutting edge pastors in America telling their stories. Wow such insight and passion for Jesus and his church. Then to hear Brian Houston speak was a real treat with his "funny" accent, lol!

You can get the services in itunes, Church of the Highlands. It will be worth your while... l8r!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Incredible India...

After Africa I headed to New Delhi to catch up with my good friend and awesome Man of God, Rusty Domingue. Rusty "Blue Flame" Domingue has been a great influence in my life since the beginning of MAP 1040 and again we hooked up to blast into the heart of the 1040 window and incredible India. Specifically we headed to the North Indian City of Chandighar with a team of 1st timers from Celebration Church in Georgetown, TX pastored by Joe & Lori Champion. We also got the incredible blessing of Heather Alise coming representing Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge pastored by Dino & Delynn Rizzo. Also Pastor Todd Lugli and his wonderful daugher Sophia met us coming in from Sri Lanka. Todd has become my California connection as he has such passionate love for Jesus, life and me. Todd pastors "The Well" church in Buellton, CA. So our jounney began...

We were in Delhi 2 days ministering @ Assembly of Believer's Churches before we connected with my young pastor friend Norman Gray. I bumped into Pastor Norman during the Tsunami days in Sri Lanka in a divine appointment type encounter. Norman invited us up last year to minister in his new church plant in Chandighar (Indian city north of New Delhi that has the best infrastructure system in India!) So this was our return to Chandighar with this team. God did not disappoint us as we rode the train into deep north India.

Some of the 1st for the Team...

1st time to India

1st time to pray for the sick

1st time to lead people into Salvation

1st time to lead people to the baptism of the Holy Spirit

1st time to cast out demons

1st time to speal publicly

1st time to ride an Indian 2nd class sleeper coach train... what a blast! LOL...

I think you get the picture... this year I too have been doing some 1st work in my life. I have been to India hundreds of times the past 10 years and specifically New Delhi. Much to my dismay I have always said "next time" I am going to visit the Taj Mahal. I asked God to help me eliminate "next time" out of my vocabulary. So... this time we went to visit the "incredible" Taj Mahal. This place had a "WOW" affect on all of us in the shear magnificance of the structure and passion the king had for his bride! Oh come on that will preach... the passion the bridegroom has for his bride! Incredible...

Lots of souls and God's spirit being poured out in India these days. Let me know when you are ready to go... he already told you, so obey and saddle up! Go...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Ambassadors in Kenya

We are called to be an "ambassador for Christ" and I learned this revelation sometime back when Sandy and I were in England for the first time. We were returning from India and wanted to do the tourist thing and see Buckingham Palace and the "changing of the guard". So we hit the "tube" and arrived to the pure pomp and circumstance of England. This day was special in the fact it was the Queen Mother's birthday. We were with the thousands in mass to see the royal family exit the palace to celebrate in church the Queen's birthday. A lady that stood by us expressed her delight as she had been to see the "changing of the guard" without seeing the royal family many times before. But this time was special I declared that an ambassador for a great King had come to see the royal family. Sandy looked at me as she knew I had something in mind… I started sharing with this woman about Christ and his kingship. Anyway it was a funny way to talk about Jesus.

Well I was just in Nairobi, Kenya and thought about how well I was treated… like Royalty! Don and Amy Matheny have been missionaries in Kenya for 30 plus years. They pastor Nairobi Lighthouse Church (NLC) in Nairobi and what a strong vibrant church. The recent violence in Kenya had touched my heart as I knew the loss of lives and property would be much greater than reported so after South Africa the Lord instructed me to visit Pastor Don and Amy. Wow what an awesome time… we hit the ground running ministering in the ravaged Internally Displaced People (IDP's) camps as NLC was in full mode to help hurting people. I mean as soon I was there they had me eating goat again…lol! It was nonstop but in an awesome way as the Lord had sent me on a mission to minister to the people and to just hang out with Don, Amy and their family in this time of transition for the church. Pray for NLC as they have been meeting in a soccer stadium for the past 12 years and now are moving to a new venue for the 5000 member church.

The Lord is stirring Africa these days again to call on his name. Wow it was so humbling to minister to NLC and give them a word in season… God will remember Africa as she took me in! The Lord spoke to my heart about how he would move from the mouth of the Nile northward through the valleys to Egypt with salvation. Little did I know that the Great Rift Valley starts here in Kenya. Don took me up on this mountain top to see the view the day after service and I was stunned… and of course God spoke to us both on the mountain top. Don, Amy and their family are some of God's finest people and will forever hold a special place in my heart. I was treated like royalty and honored to be in their home. So now I am off to Incredible India…