Monday, November 16, 2009

Ask for the Nations...
Well I needed to shake the dust off my blog. Life can get so fast with so much to do that the time to sit and write kind of took a back burner. Or should I say another form... I found my Mac had a faster less complicated way to communicate and have been using that for the past few months. Pretty efficient but not raw heart stuff like the old blog affords...
So, let's see where to begin. Ok... let's catch up. My last entry the kids were headed to school and I had just returned from Panama. Since then Luke and I went on a long itineration trip ministering through the heart land of the US. We are finding a grass roots move of Holy Ghost power taking root in the heart of the saints. Christians in the US are hungry for God to manifest his presence. A sincere intimate relationship with the Lord our protector and healer.
From here we jumped deep into the 1040 window... India, Sri Lanka and the UAE. The Hindu world of India is being impacted with great light these days. We were in North India at the Assembly of Believers Church annual conference. Wow what a growing movement of evangelism into the softening ground of north India. Church planting efforts are now taking root into stronghold regions of the world. When the last person has the gospel preached to them, then he will return!
From India we swung south to our beloved heartland of Sri Lanka. I stand amazed @ God's mercy to allow me to minister in these nations and how we as a family lived and worked in these wonderful places. We met with our partners in Sri Lanka and a great report from WOW as the new work is moving forward. A new venue has been established to house this great awakening happening in Sri Lanka. Luke and I got to visit with some of our old friends... mainly a Muslim family that befriended us. Remember... you may be the only Bible some people ever read.
From Sri we traveled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Wow what a city! This trade city on the Persian Gulf has all the bells and whistles of a modern city but the under current of Islam rang loud as we walked through the streets ministering. We had met a Nigerian pastor in India and got to meet with him and his wife. One of those God ordained moments... We gave them the word of the Lord and laid foundation for future ministry. We stayed with our dear Pastor Neil and his awesome family. They even had a welcome banner in our rooms... so sweet!
We sat Pastor Neil and had awesome discussions on God's Grace! Some great revelations...

So that will kind of bring us up to date... now looking forward to reflecting, relaxing and then preparing to climb the next mountain the Lord has laid before us! Thanks for being our friends and for taking the time to read... God bless you!

Monday, August 24, 2009

LSU Tigers...
Today is the 1st day of classes for the fall semester @ LSU. Andy is a sophomore and Mary a freshman... Wow I remember my days in college as fun yet challenging and away from home. How naive and innocent I was to the ways of the world...
Here is a taste of the note I sent them this am to let them know their parents were behind them and praying for them.

4 things keeps His hand of favor on your life...
1. Faithful - daily relationship with the Lord. Seek 1st the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.
2. Obedience - It is better to obey than to sacrifice...
3. Love - Above all the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13
4. Forgiveness - When we forgive others... God will forgive us.

I just shake my head in amazement as to the Lord's hand of grace upon Sandy and I to be parents. Jesus entrusted us to raise our four kids in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Such an honor to see God's hand on all our kids and the fear of the Lord deeply rooted into their lives.

Train up a child in the way they should go for when they are older they will not depart from it... I love the Word of God so alive and such a blessing of promise.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amazing Video on Missions...
My great friend Jack Harris got this video from another missionary named Ryan Philips. Talk about stir your soul... let me know what you think!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wow for all my followers I repent... two months and no blog posts. Well all I can say is obviously we have been a little busy and I have kind of had some writer's block. So much to say but honestly trying to keep my emotions in check. Just a season but important to effective communication...
A quick catch up since end of June... I went to Sri Lanka to attend WOW - Sri Lanka huge evangelistic meeting and launch of the new cutting edge church in Colombo proper. Exciting to say the least to see the Lord moving in this next generation with signs and wonders. The nation is like a new place with the war complete. But as a great man of God wrote me the war in the spirit for the souls of men still rages violently. I will be saying more about this in the future.

Before I left we moved to a new place in Clinton... a great friend of ours personally has allowed us to move into their home. This positions us to continue the transition we have felt coming in our personal lives. This is a story yet to be played out... I suppose life is a transition as the Bible says we are changed from glory to glory. Everyday is a step closer to eternity. Sandy and I are in the "fun" stages of walking our kids into adulthood... they are gonna turn hell upside down for Jesus!
After I returned from Sri Lanka I got the flu... I don't know if it was swine flu but I sure felt horrible nevertheless it didn't stop me from working and preparing for a trip to Panama. The day before I was scheduled to leave for Panama the fever broke and the yuk in my head broke out and I got totally healed... Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord!
Panama was an incredible trip with my great friend Pastor Johnny Brady and Fellowship to the Nations Church in Houston, TX. Those Texas folks are passionate for Jesus and their love for the Kuna Indians has proven decades of fruit with souls. Johnny's dad starting going their in the 60's building churches and evangelizing the Kuna's. Johnny uses a unique method of bringing basketball players to play exhibition games and draw the crowds. The huge Americans playing the fiesty small Indians is too funny... One of my personal highlights is too see the spirit of the Lord touch the team as most of them are 1st timers to the mission field. Lives changed and passion poured out into young people as they give of themselves... you will never be the same once you leave your comfort zone and go to the nations.
I have always said I could never give back to the mission field what the mission field has done for me...

Friday, June 26, 2009

We have been moving out of the missions house in Zachary to a new place in Clinton the past few days. Actually I am in a hurry now as we prepare to leave for Sri Lanka next week. So a whole lot of hard work is happening at around us these days. First we built a big storage room at my dad's barn in Mississippi in the searing hot heat. All in all a good investment as Sandy said she had enough of giving away all her furniture. I did not over rule this time...
This picture is of my most awesome favorite mother in law in the whole world! Her and Sandy both love to move furniture... I mean serious like therapy. I just stand in awe as they move it and move it back, then move it some more. It is so funny to experience their creativity. So cool to see Proverbs 31 come to life in these great women.
So pray for us as we move... change is a challenge but well worth the effort to allow to God to use you for his glory.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

O Lord, you are my God;
I will exalt you and praise your name,
for in perfect faithfulness
you have done marvelous things,
things planned long ago.

When I was a little boy growing up in Jackson, LA. My mom got me to enter the local high school's talent show sponsored by the Future Business Leaders of Louisiana (FBLA). Innocent and young but emboldened with a personality of expression, I belted out the rendition of "He's got the whole world in his hands". Little did I know the performance would bring the house down and I would go home with my first trophy the winner of the FBLA talent contest. As I read the scripture in Isaiah 25:1 this AM my thoughts raced back to God's plan for my life. Such a wave of emotion and thankfulness swept over my soul as I bowed in worship. Jesus is so faithful and worthy of praise!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Father in LAW - Mr. JB Gulotta

Sandy’s dad passed away on May 24th after a long illness. Mr. JB Gulotta was a great man and he will be missed dearly. He was so good to me trusting me with one of his precious children and his baby daughter. Talk about talented... he was an incredible finish carpenter as I witnessed him transform so many pieces of junk furniture and houses into master pieces. He also loved to grow things as he always had a big garden and grew so many tomatoes as he knew his bride of 52 years, Mary Ellen loves tomatoes. He raised his children to work hard as they ran a dairy in the Loranger area for years then he took over the rural letter carrier post from where he retired.

I was honored to preach the funeral and minister to the family. Gonna be different now without him in this life but look forward to seeing him in eternity. We love you Mr. JB and Daddy!>

Monday, May 18, 2009

All Smiles!!!
We got official word this early AM the war is over in Sri Lanka, . The Sri Lankan government has taken control over the whole country as the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) have laid down the arms after their senior leaders were killed in the last battles. Lets of emotions and questions are running through my mind this AM. After nearly 30 yrs of war the country will be at peace... no more road blocks, check points, military bunkers, strained looks on people faces, etc... Sad too that so many have and are suffering for a lost cause. Civil War is horrible!
This war ending was something we have always envisioned for Sri Lanka. Please keep us in your prayers as we look to the future with the people of Sri Lanka with hope for a better day. Pray this new hour will again bring opportunities for the gospel to go into closed areas. This makes me think of all the times Luke and I went into the war zone... only covered by the blood of Jesus and the prayers of the saints. Now we can go bring this gospel unhindered... serving and loving and giving Jesus to this nation. Yes I am moved this AM...
We look to the Lord and his people to help us get to the people.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Lines...
Today is THE day to celebrate the risen saviour, Jesus Christ. Not a dead God but one who overcame death and the grave! Wow I am so fired up to have such a great relationship with a God that is ALIVE and risen from the dead. Come on this is something to shout about and rejoice. As I awoke this AM the hall mark scripture of John 3:16 was whispered in my ear by the Holy Spirit. My thoughts raced to Jesus and his great love for me personally. then my next thought was his love for the world. I once heard a US senator tell me about his experience when he flew on a space mission. He spoke of his looking back at the earth and seeing a world with no lines. My heart leaped as this man was speaking of how God looks at his creation. No lines... the old sunday School song says, Red, yellow, black or white Jesus loves the little chidren of the world. We are all his children my friend as their will be no grand children or step children in heaven. Just fully paid for blood line inheritance by the precious sinless blood of the lamb of God... Jesus my Lord!
Each day on our website, a new unreached people group profile is shown on the homepage for prayer consideration. This is how it all started for us... prayer for the nations. No lines... Jesus died and rose again for the sins of the whole world.

Sandy and I want to extend a Happy Easter to all our friends and family. We are celebrating today with our family in Mississippi. The past few years we have been in Africa ministering on Easter. So it is going to be real nice to sit at my mama's table today. We are gonna eat some awesome Mississippi food and breath in the fresh air and sound of no cars in the rural country side of southwest Mississippi. Ya'll have a good one ya hear...

Monday, April 06, 2009

The Gathering...
Spent the last few days at "The Gathering" in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 19 international missionaries representing 14 nations were in attendance as well as many home missions ministries. Pastor Darren Davis of Harbour Church, Ft. Lauderdale "gathers" missionaries from all over to meet and get reports. Wow so awesome to hear the reports and to minister to the missionaries. We got to tell our story of the Glory meetings in Sri Lanka and all of the work we are involved inside of the 1040 window.
One of the highlights for me personally is this church is where my baby sister came to know the Lord Jesus and now she is being sent out to the nations. Tish is heading to South Korea to teach at international school. We are too excited as she has been living with our family this past school year and we have been preparing her to move forward. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Done deal at our house as the wedding went off in grand splendor. Ty and Katie stood before the Lord and vowed the marriage covenant on March 21st @ 6pm. Wow it was so special and honestly I did not cry... Sandy wept and I laughed with joy! We had a great time celebrating with our family and friends. We had guests as far as India grace the wedding as the "international" nature of our lives even shined through with a curry dish in the wedding feast.
Our main goal was to honor the Lord as a witness to the bridegroom coming for his bride. We so prayed for God to bless this time. We sensed such a special presence of God in the event... May his name be glorified and honored in our lives and specially in Ty and Katie's.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wedding Week...

Well this is the beginning of wedding week at our house as our eldest daughter Katie is set to get married March 21st @ 6pm. Katie is marrying Ty Rigby who in our opinion is the man God intended for her. Ty has a great heart and an intensity about him that we sense will grow and need to be married to Katie, hello! The best thing is Sandy and I are convinced of his love and dedication to Katie. Enough mushy stuff... all the wedding plans are in full force. The Lord has been so good to set this time to celebrate in royal fashion.

The wedding will take place at our misson's base in Port Hudson, LA. up river from Baton Rouge. This old house is called Willow Springs and was a hospital site for both sides of the great American Civil War conflict at the Battle of Port Hudson. Interesting how this place is a place of healing and peace. The beauty of the setting with the old live oak trees and park like garden will be ordained with all the pomp and circumstance of the local culture. Basically this translates into a whole lot of work for us but it will be well worth the joy. Sandy is set to put our best foot forward in welcoming our family and friends to celebrate our 1st child's wedding. What an awesome time for family and we are gonna have a great time.

The greatest wedding with soon take place at the marriage supper of the Lamb when the bride of Christ will be united with her bridegroom, Jesus our Lord. What a cool picture of how weddings are really gonna be like... What a party it is going to be! So let the celebraton begin...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Built for specific purposes...
After I watched this video performance the first thought that came to my mind was God built us all for a purpose. Inspiring rendition of Amazing Grace I am sure you will enjoy...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Turn aside and see this great sight...
Today I am in the prayer room @ IHOP and what a great time with the Lord. Just sitting and meditating on his awesome power and presence. I have been reading Psalm 27 over and over and over and over... the power of his love flooding over me has been awesome. 
IHOP is hosting a Passion for Jesus conference this weekend and I had planned last year to come for a weekend of fasting and prayer. Time spent turning aside like Moses did with the burning bush is time invested into eternity. 
The cool thing is hanging with a great church planter here in the KC area named Andrew Fortner. We will be with them Sunday at Networks Church to present the "window" and pray an increase of vision for the lost. Andrew is really cool and zealous to be the pastor for Lee's Summitt, MO. So honored to hang here in KC...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slum Dog wins Best Picture @ the Oscars... Reveals India to the West!

India cries out…
I am not a big movie goer but I had to go see this work about India. My great friend and missions mentor Jack Harris (Global Messenger Service) told me about this movie. So off I went to experience India on the big screen… WOW! I cried off and on during the movie so stirred with the sights and sounds my family and I have often experienced.
India was what moved me to action of obedience to the harvest fields of souls. Nothing I have found on this earth will move you like the raw desperation of humanity in India. The sights and smells of thousands of dung fires preparing supper for their families in Bihar will stir any man's soul. The masses of people, honking of horns, chi tea in stalls everywhere, cows in the streets, colors of dress, huge temples, deeply religious people, etc... Oh Incredible India!

I got to accompany one of the greatest missionaries of the modern time in one Jack Dyer to see Slum Dog. This was my 2nd time to go see the flick... I knew Jack would be impacted in an incredible way. Jack and his wife Shirley spent 7 years in the rugged Himalaya mountain region serving at Wood Stock school after 27 years of service in Honduras. The big eye opener is Jack did not get started until he was in his late 40's... he forsook the ways of Babylon and left the comforts of familiar to bring honor to the name of Jesus. I am humbled just to be his close friend...

I got some cool friends name Jack...

Jack Harris - Fenton, MO

Jack Dyer - Baton Rouge, LA

Both are world changers and passionate to make His name great in the nations!

Slum God will give you an idea of life in India. An idea is nothing like the smells... HA! Oh come on now, if my wife can handle it anybody can... she is amazing.

God call us to sell out for souls... Let the Word of the Lord run swiftly (II Thess 3:1-5). Lord give to us the deeper revelation of masses of multitudes in India in the balance of eternity in Jesus name.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Harvest @ East Gate
Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sri Lanka's war is super HOT!!!
I wanted to send out a quick request for prayers for the nation of Sri Lanka. The war is horrible in the north as it is affecting thousands of families across this strife torn nation. This country has lost so many lives due to the war and literally a way of life for a whole generation of people that have been involved in this conflict for almost 30 years. Wow 30 years of war... bloodshed, heart break and destruction.
I have many thoughts coming to my mind as to how we all can get trapped into our opinions based on cultural prejudices and traditions. I have been studying WWII with Germany's onslaught and how the people were caught in a conflict of ideals developed by the people in power. Sri Lanka is in desperate need of peace!
Underneath this big military offensive in the north to eradicate the Tamil Tigers and any people aligning themselves with this group is another assault on religious liberties in Sri Lanka. Again the anti conversion bill comes before Parliament with strong lobbying efforts of the majority religion aimed to stop conversions. Funny how you narrow mindedness and lack of vision to change can cripple a nation. Also the world media has not mentioned one word about this anti conversion bill on the table...
All nations of the world need to look at the history as to how Jesus life and story has impacted this world. As always the war we see with our eyes and the war in the spiritual realm is two different worlds; the war for the souls of men.
Please we ask you to pray for Sri Lanka for the stopping of the shed of blood. Also pray this government will be wise to keep an open heart for the best interest of the people.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ready, Get Set, Go... 2009!
It has been awhile since I posted so this post will catch us up...
January comes, goes and gets me fired up for 2 reasons... deer season and another year to preach the gospel in the nations of the world. Deer season gives me a chance to breathe easy and catch up on the half read books but importantly to "sabbath" and prepare. So here I am in Singapore preparing to speak tomorrow the good news of Christ story. Oh I am so happy my Jesus is alive and saved my nasty soul and gave me a special grace to preach to the nations. Ephesians 3:8-10

So next week I will head into war torn Sri Lanka and specifically the east coast city of Trincomalle. We have been doing glory meetings in the major "gate cities" of the nation bombarding hell with powerful intercession and worship. These meetings will be called "Days of Glory" and we are anticipating a big time move from heaven.

The enemy is not too be taken lightly as I just received word that my dad has to have major surgery on his neck. He had been hurting all thru deer season with cold arms and legs but he still shot 4 deer and could not hardly lift his arm, ha his stand was his truck... anyway he has bad vertebrae impingement in his neck to the point he is critical and a bad move could paralyze him. Of course I get this news while I am here in Asia and the surgery will be performed while I am in the war zone of Sri Lanka. We all have a price to pay...

The last time this happened we were doing a huge youth festival in Sri Lanka and my dad was having his 2nd open heart surgery. We had invested heavily in these meetings and I was set to leave it all behind to be with him and a strange sense of peace only the Lord could give came upon me. We had over 300,000 people hear the gospel those days of Glory in the heart of the city of Colombo... the Lord is in control of all things and his heart is for the lost. So we already have word of huge crowds coming to our "Days of Glory" meetings...

Keep the lost at the center of your thoughts, priorities and prayers and He will fight your battles.

Pray for our family and especially my dad during these next 2 weeks.

By the way, the picture of this small buck was "shot" by me in south Texas on some great friends of mine ranch... he was 20 steps from our stand eating corn. He will be a nice deer in a few years... Big thanks to my great friend Pastor Johnny Brady and Tommy and Renee Balke.