Monday, November 16, 2009

Ask for the Nations...
Well I needed to shake the dust off my blog. Life can get so fast with so much to do that the time to sit and write kind of took a back burner. Or should I say another form... I found my Mac had a faster less complicated way to communicate and have been using that for the past few months. Pretty efficient but not raw heart stuff like the old blog affords...
So, let's see where to begin. Ok... let's catch up. My last entry the kids were headed to school and I had just returned from Panama. Since then Luke and I went on a long itineration trip ministering through the heart land of the US. We are finding a grass roots move of Holy Ghost power taking root in the heart of the saints. Christians in the US are hungry for God to manifest his presence. A sincere intimate relationship with the Lord our protector and healer.
From here we jumped deep into the 1040 window... India, Sri Lanka and the UAE. The Hindu world of India is being impacted with great light these days. We were in North India at the Assembly of Believers Church annual conference. Wow what a growing movement of evangelism into the softening ground of north India. Church planting efforts are now taking root into stronghold regions of the world. When the last person has the gospel preached to them, then he will return!
From India we swung south to our beloved heartland of Sri Lanka. I stand amazed @ God's mercy to allow me to minister in these nations and how we as a family lived and worked in these wonderful places. We met with our partners in Sri Lanka and a great report from WOW as the new work is moving forward. A new venue has been established to house this great awakening happening in Sri Lanka. Luke and I got to visit with some of our old friends... mainly a Muslim family that befriended us. Remember... you may be the only Bible some people ever read.
From Sri we traveled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Wow what a city! This trade city on the Persian Gulf has all the bells and whistles of a modern city but the under current of Islam rang loud as we walked through the streets ministering. We had met a Nigerian pastor in India and got to meet with him and his wife. One of those God ordained moments... We gave them the word of the Lord and laid foundation for future ministry. We stayed with our dear Pastor Neil and his awesome family. They even had a welcome banner in our rooms... so sweet!
We sat Pastor Neil and had awesome discussions on God's Grace! Some great revelations...

So that will kind of bring us up to date... now looking forward to reflecting, relaxing and then preparing to climb the next mountain the Lord has laid before us! Thanks for being our friends and for taking the time to read... God bless you!

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