Friday, June 26, 2009

We have been moving out of the missions house in Zachary to a new place in Clinton the past few days. Actually I am in a hurry now as we prepare to leave for Sri Lanka next week. So a whole lot of hard work is happening at around us these days. First we built a big storage room at my dad's barn in Mississippi in the searing hot heat. All in all a good investment as Sandy said she had enough of giving away all her furniture. I did not over rule this time...
This picture is of my most awesome favorite mother in law in the whole world! Her and Sandy both love to move furniture... I mean serious like therapy. I just stand in awe as they move it and move it back, then move it some more. It is so funny to experience their creativity. So cool to see Proverbs 31 come to life in these great women.
So pray for us as we move... change is a challenge but well worth the effort to allow to God to use you for his glory.

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