Monday, July 09, 2007

A Billion People in India alone...
India has over a billion people in population now and will soon pass China in growth... so many people, so many lost people. How will we reach them?
I got an email from a friend that had an encounter with a Hindu worshipper from India. Here is some of his note and my response. Let me know what you think..
His note...
I attended a training session in Arizona in early June. There was a guy there from India. I was not sure of his nationality but I had a strong urge to speak with him and discuss his beliefs. I could not quite get over the hurdle but he saw me praying each day over my food and he approached me. We had several discussions about our faiths. He was a Hindu. My question is, are the Hindu or the Budists the big threat to Christinanity in the area you serve? This guy had such a kind spirit I could not imagine violence. I left him with this thought concerning the state of the world today, where Jesus is freedom reigns.
My response...
Sri Lanka is a Buddhist nation and India is Hindu, China is Buddhist, Indonesia is Muslin, USA is Chritian, etc... We have found that whatever the predominant religion of the country, they are the persecutor no matter the religion. The blessing is people in general no matter the religion, i.e. “Christians” claim their religion no matter their lifestyle.
Most Muslims we know are not jihad extremists Muslims as most Hindus and Buddhist… most are moderate in their “faith” and are said worshipper in name only.
I have met some devout Hindu worshippers… like strict vegetarians and goes to the temple daily to worship. As we personally know devout Muslims that pray 3 times a day and fast during Ramadan… Buddhist that go to the temple to reach their kharma in anticipation of reaching a state of eternal peace. Catholicism and Judaism that draws people into religion but miss the mark. Most people clain the religion they are born into... sad to say I did too but oh when I met Jesus. Oh when I asked him if he was real and could he change my life. Oh how I Love Jesus!

Why? Thank you for asking… Jesus brings life and a personal relationship. Jesus is alive and not a statue or inert being in our mind.

How to minister to these people? Love man.. love them, serve them, enjoy their life as a friend. Jesus made friends everywhere he went and then he met their needs… sometimes this make take time but sometime it is instant. The best thing we can do is be kind and respectful, this will open doors into people’s hearts for you to share your life and your relationship with Jesus.

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Katie Walters said...

One of the best you have written dad!!
Loved it & Love you!!!