Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Report

So we went to church last night and been cooking, cleaning and my wife has all the Christmas decorations up already. I need to take some pics for all to see… it is really something her decorating talents.

So we are set for a good day today as I been up since 4am. I am early bird…The weather has passed and the cool air is bringing refreshing. Praise the Lord!


Tomorrow we are set for a full day of LSU Tiger football. We have tickets and some friends are coming in from Arkansas. It will be crazy with the family going nuts in Tiger stadium.


Folks this is one of those special places/events that if you ever get a chance to do…but the last one on my list is the most important place we need to call home.


College football @ LSU, Tennessee, Michigan, Notre Dame and of course Air Force!


Washington DC

Grand Canyon

Redwood Forest


Himalaya Mountains

Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia

Rome, Paris, Austria

Sri Lanka/India

Heaven with Jesus



This is my list… some of it has been done, others are in the future. Lol…

Ok the strong coffee had me rolling. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and your family…

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