Monday, October 15, 2007

Times of Refreshing...

The times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord. The past few years I have been able to attend Perry Stone's annual campmeeting in Dalton, GA. and what a refreshing I get when I go. Perry and Pam do such a great job of hosting these meetings as people come from everywhere to hear the incrdeible teaching and annointed preaching from Perry and other ministers. I got to know Perry through my ole missions running buddy Rusty Domingue as we rendevous @ Perry's meeting to get some Holy Ghost touch on our lives. These meetings are special and God has always moved in a special way for me personally to receive refreshing from heaven.

Leaders need to do like Jesus did by going to the mountain or hanging by the seas shore to seek God. This allows God to change us and give us fresh vision for the mission he has for our life individually. Wow it was tweet @ Perry's and the Lord again confirmed a double portion blessing for the nations in my life. Come on Lord Jesus... refresh us to win the lost of the world.

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Gina Poole said...

Hi Luke,

John and I have been wanting to go to a Perry Stone Mani-Fest. I know you enjoyed a refreshing. John and I have been enjoying the wonderful blessings of our Lord by observing the feasts that Jesus enjoyed. I thought receiving the baptism of the HG was the highest level for my walk with the Lord, but now I am seeing God is taking John and I to a whole new level of life with our Lord, by finding our Hebrew Roots. John has been seeking this for a long time and he is way beyond my walk, but I am learning and through His Holy Spirit the truth is being shown. How exciting that everyday is new with Jesus. He continues to teach us His ways. He wants to give us so much more!! You and your family have been such a blessing to us. Our prayers are with you and yours. What a blessing you are!! Gina Poole