Saturday, May 26, 2007

23 years married to this chick!

Nothing comes without sacrifice as this time frame in Vietnam is Sandy and I's 23rd wedding anniversary. My best friend and bride of my life Sandy is @ home with our kids. Miss that chick while here in the 1040 window… We will make up for lost time next week the Lord willing… Sandy is such a sweet heart and blessing not just to me but a great example to believers the importance of having a positive attitude on life. She is the "yes" in our family… I am the "NO" when the kids ask to go somewhere and especially when they ask for money! I say no every time… I got to get over this and the longer I live with Sandy I am getting better. She faithfully follows my lead and is a wonderful wife and super mother. The way she has nurtured our kids to be strong has been nothing short of miraculous.

The Bible is true that the husband is the head of the wife… I added this next part forgive me… the wife is the neck, she turns the head wherever she wants! LOL…! Not really but it is incredible how we work together and how the Lord balances our lives together. When one of us is low or hurt the other picks up the slack, when we laugh together we both laugh… one of the big perks of being married is to have someone to share life together with… the good and the bad. I love marriage vows! The words are Vows to the Lord… till death do us part.

Sandy if you read my blog(she is such a computer communicator NOT!)… I love you and not ashamed to tell the world how Jesus gave you to me when I did not deserve such a beautiful virgin girl. You are my lover and best friend... being married to you is a dream come true for me not to mention the perks of living with an Italian blood girl... SWEETNESS! What sacrifice you have made to bring 4 great kids into this world and to make our life together an adventure. You make our house a home and keep us all in line especially me... Thank you lovey dove. May Jesus allow all your dreams and hopes to come true and I get to share it with you forever! Can't wait to get home and hold your hand…

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Andy said...

you really need to not use words like "LOL" and "sweetness" try using english. it was beautiful. mom said it was nice. you know how emotionally retarded she is.