Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tools for the Gospel...

Jack said something that I know was from the heart of God as he ministered to the leaders and I just sat back and began to get some rhema rev on the tools we were putting into the leaders hands. God will give us the tools we need to get the job done. Computers, printers, office supplies, books, Bibles, money, etc… all are tools to get the job done. What the Lord cries out for are men and women willing to use these tools, willing to work with sweat, tears and sacrifice to reach the lost... The Lord gives us all things for one purpose... to reach the lost!

I remembered my days as a millwright machinist and the better the tool, the easier the job was completed safely and swiftly. An old journeyman mechanic always told me… “ watch me son, every move a picture…” as we would work on these huge pieces of machinery aligining them to within thousandths of an inch to allow these machines to run at super high speeds without flying to pieces. God was training me to use tools... Tools of the trade!

My prayer is the tools we get are being used to the best of the craftsman ability. I want to be able to tell the believers… “watch me, every move a picture…”

The Lord is giving use the best tools ever known to man to expedite the gospel to the spiritually hungry and thirsty in the 1040 window. Is GOD stirring you to provide the tools (somebody had to supply the tools) or better yet, become a skilled user of these tools to reach the lost?

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