Monday, August 27, 2007

I have been trying to keep up with rescue efforts in Peru since the 8.0 scale earthquake hit the country. Every time a natural disaster hits an area the memory, images and smells of the Tsunami & Katrina hit me hard. To this day we still have ongoing projects in Sri Lanka rehabilitating and rebuilding for the Sri Lankan people impacted by the killer wave. I guess you can't have the mercy, care and love for people until you have gone through things yourself. One thing is for sure, you sure know how to pray…

Pastor Dino Rizzo sent out a call for 20-30 skilled carpenters to go to Peru to help. Missionary/Pastor Robert Barringer is one of the key go to guys for the government of Peru for rescue efforts and has asked for help. They will take care of workers if they can get to Peru… the cost of airfare is about $1000. If you want to help send someone just go online to MAP 1040 and donate online or send a check to MAP 1040 PO Box 8301 Clinton, LA 70722 and designate Peru earthquake.

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