Monday, June 26, 2006

Take care of Mama!

Sandy is having surgery on her shoulder today to repair some rotator cuff damage she has been living with for the past 2 years. That girl is pain tolerant... NOT!
The procedure will be out patient and we will bring her home to recover... OUCH!
We have several things to ask prayer for this morning.
1. Sandy recovery
2. I leave for Sri Lanka and India July 4th. We will be hosting a team from New Life Church in Conway, Arkansas. Our itinerary will be VERY challenging. 3 conferences and a festival in India. I have been preparing for a week now with sermon material and in prayer. The more prayer the more powerful the impact upon lives. PLEASE INTERCEDE the next three weeks for us.
Our 1st conference will be in a heavy area of persecution in the deep south of Sri Lanka in the buddhist controlled stronghold area called Kataragama. This is where people from all over the world come for pilgramige to walk on fire and worship the demon. We will preach the love of Jesus then move to our next stop in the Tsunami stricken city of Galle. We will minister a SET FREE conference @ a drug rehab facility and go into the slums of Galle witnessing... the devils mad and I am glad! PRAY!
Then... we will go to Colombo where another suicide bomber just assainated the 3rd ranking army general as the country is sliding back into civil war. PRAY!
We will do all this in 5 days... then take a short 30 minute flight to India...
Come on we are not playing around... Daylight's Burning my friend. It is time to go to work... in India we will minister @ Pastor Alexi George's church and preach to Bible school students @ Bro. George Koche's Faith Theological Seminary in the southern most Indian state of Kerela...
So we need prayer...
3. We are in faith for our down payment for our property, The Blue Lagoon in Sri Lanka. Pray the Lord of the HARVEST to move on the hearts of men to give.
4. Opportunity for another church plant in Sri Lanka... we got the land, now we will build a church! Come on this means souls! Pray for provision...

Alright I got to be the nurse next few days... I told you we need prayer! Imagine me nursing you... Smile! I will let you know how she comes out.
Got to go....
Daylight's Burning:


Joel Dyke said...


You nursing somebody is a scary thought! I will definetly be praying for Sandy!
Seriously, I am praying for you my man!


alexi george said...

Thanks for being a blessing, Luke. Yes, you will all be in our prayers.