Thursday, April 20, 2006

Avoiding the Traps

My son Andy and I were in Fayetteville, AR for Easter weekend attending the University of Arkansas Srping football game. Andy was invited to AR junior day as he has gotten to be a pretty good size specimen of a young man and has gotten some college football schools attention (pray the Lord guides his path as we go thru this decision process). Anyway we got to play golf with some special people, Pastor Casey Henagan, Pastor Steve Dixon and Pastor Terry Nance who wrote the book "God's Armorbearer". Golf was never one of my favorite past times until the Lord asked me to take up the sport when I was in a small city in the mountains of Sri Lanka that had a golf course. I walked by the course doing my usual "golf bashing" and the Lord asked me to learn to build relationships. Well out of obedience I tried to play this crazy game and have grown to enjoy the beauty and complexity of the game.

While we were playing Terry Nance was seeming to get every shot in a bunker (that is what we commomly call a sand trap) and I said we need to learn to avoid the traps by directing our aim just enough to steer clear. This is easier said than done but Terry acknowledged this was good preaching material. I pondered this for a few days about avoiding traps and sterring clear of obstacles. The Lord was gently urging me to stay focused and obedient to his leading. Too stay kingdom minded and not Luke minded, hello! Jesus tells us to pray to not to be lead into temptation and to be delivered from evil. Basically we can be lead to avoid the traps that seem to come our way from the world and the enemy of our soul.

DB: Luke

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