Saturday, April 29, 2006

Living in the FOG!
Wow what a blur the past two weeks has been... in preparation to go to Sri Lanka. Andy Ardoin from Healing Place Church, Nick Rogers and Shawn Pike from California have joined me to make a whirl wind of ministry and meetings in Sri Lanka and India. Sri is in turmoil again with lots of bloodshed and uncertaintity but God is faithful and everything about him is certain, Jeremiah 29:11!
We arrived today @ 6pm and hit the ground running in the FOG... I call this the Favor of God but most call this a serious case of jet lag. We went to our dear friends Loni and Monica Delanerol's wedding anniversary dinner with their family. I think Nick and Shawn were blown away by the Sri Lankan hospitailty and cuisine.

Tomorrow we are all scheduled to minister to differnet type churches in Sri so it will be some good stuff to tell about! I know you wish you were here... we will be here through May day holiday (May 1st) then off to India and the cities of Delhi, Hyderabad, Mussoorie and back to Colombo in less than a week. Talk about daylight burning... Please pray for us as we travel and work to advance the kingdom of the Lord Jesus.

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