Monday, April 03, 2006

GOD orders our Steps...
For the past week I have been in Kiev, Ukraine and what an exciting time to be in the country. The 1st protestant mayor of Kiev was elected while we were in country! Wow God is moving with revival in the Ukraine...
The Ukraine is the "blue collar" county of the former Soviet Union. the bridges and land marks were all dotted with the hammer and sickle reminding of the Cold War and the old threat of communism. Communism has left it's mark on Ukraine society with the great gap between the rich and the poor. While in Kiev, we visited orphanages, street feeding ministries, the 700 Club, Hillsongs/Kiev and Pastor Sunday Adelaja's church (The Embassy).Yes sir we were moving... on Sunday I was in church close to 12 hours and loved every minute of it!
Pastor Chris Hodges invited me to come and learn about the impact of social service ministries affecting this nation. Chris was in Kiev with his son Michael training leaders with Equip, John Maxwell's million leader mandate. I was blessed to be in attendance and to hang out with such great men of God.
Another cool thing was the Lord connected me with a professional basketball player from Texas named Mike Harris. Mike was so happy to hang with someone from the south that said ya'll!
God is good and the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord!
Where is God ordering your steps today? Got to go...
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