Monday, February 12, 2007

The BEST...

Air Force it is... he made his choice and we were so happy. The Lord really closed all the doors and showed him the correct path to take in many confirming ways... Army @ West Point was inspiring and had a special Wow factor. Can you imagine West Point? The premier military academy in the world offers you an opportunity to become an officer and you decline... it had to be the Lord but the premier Air Force Academy in the world had already won his allegiance in spirit. He told the head coach @ AF he had given his word to go to WP and visit. Coach Calhoun smiled and told him to go keep his word and follow his heart. So away we went to New York... We all soon realized the hard decision it would be for Andy but we believed the deciding factor was the prayers of mom and dad for their children. Parents can shape the destiny of their childrens lives in prayer!

In Colorado, Andy got to plug into New Life Church in Colorado Springs as this was the pinnacle prayer for his mom and I . We know the importance of staying plugged in to a great local church. New Life has one of the best college ministries in America. Andy has been diligent and the Lord rewarded him with the BEST not just what is good. Too many times we settle for what is good but Jesus wants to give us the BEST for our lives to fulfill his purpose on this earth. Thanks for praying for us during this time of positioning our family for the next few years.

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Mark Murphy said...

Way to go Andy! Way to go Luke and Sandy! Andy will love it in Colorado Springs. Beautiful up there. Kelly and I have been praying that God would lead Andy into the right direction. There are some great ministries up there, Focus On The Family and as you said a great College Student Ministry at New Life. Also, a great tradition of football. Andy will be part of a great new era at Air Force Football. Bless You,
Mark and Kelly Murphy