Tuesday, August 17, 2010

“A man's steps are directed by the LORD.” Proverbs 20:24a

We want to announce that our youngest daughter Mary is moving to the nation of South Africa to work with Life Church - Durban pastored by Gregg and Kristin Evans. Mary has a target date of September and is full on working hard to prepare for the next year of her life. Sandy and I are excited at the reality of one of our kids living as a missionary on the field!

Mary came to me earlier in the year inquiring about an internship for the summer. We prayed together and this opportunity to serve in the nations came about. Yes, it is a little more than a summer but so many young people in other “religions” take two years and invest their lives. Mary decided after our blessing the least she could do was follow the Lord’s leading investing her youth and zeal into the nations.

Mary will be working specifically with Gregg and Kristin Evans and the Life Church team in Durban, South Africa. The launch of the church just took place and now they need help with their children's ministry. Not to mention Gregg and Kristin have a new born baby which one of Mary's greatest strong points is loving on babies!

Mary is currently in the process of working to raise her support. This month she is having garage sales and “jambalaya” dinner fund raisers. Now her highest priority need is for committed monthly support for the next year. This is important for budget plans to be set. Her overall move budget is a great step of faith as she needs airfare and logistical supplies for her move. So we are asking for consideration and commitment to help resource Mary’s step of faith into Africa.

Sandy and I are thrilled with the aspect of one of our children now leaving the nest as a missionary. Just like we did taking a huge risky step of faith to serve Jesus with all our hearts. Thank you for your prayers for our ministry and our wonderful family.

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