Tuesday, March 18, 2008

30 days...
Quick update as I have started a 30 day tour of the nations... my home church is doing a series titled "What would you do if you had 30 days to Live?" I had to do some serious contemplation as plans for this ministry itineration had me leaving the US the day after this 1st message. I was thrilled as the Lord message put an eternal spin on how we were living our lives. God matters, people matter and eternity matters... great points and something we should all consider in this short time here on earth we call life. So...
Sri Lanka has been my 1st stop and my home away from home. In the middle of chaos and war the Lord is manifesting his glory to the church. Signs, wonders and miracles are taking place as God is preparing the church for things to come... I actually had some incredible manifestations in my own life and so happy as to know that I am trying to focus on eternity.
Next up is Africa... I will keep you posted as the Lord reassured me we are carriers of his presence to the nations! Thxs for prayers... DB!


Dave Ohlerking said...

Please hug our three grandkids there in Swaziland.

Sorry we can't be there with you.

We are asking God to use you like never before on this trip.

Dave & Jean Ohlerking

Alexi George said...

The Lord bless you in your travels. I will be returning to India on the 24th of March.

Starr Hornsby said...

Keep Going!!!!!

We are praying for you here at FCZ.

God Bless!