Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter in Mozambique, Africa

A couple of months ago the Lord dealt with my heart about spending Easter in Africa again. I was kind of glad as I thought of my first trip to Africa four years ago but I sensed that this time it would be very different and very fruitful. After the game park morning it was time for work as we drove into Mozambique and the city of Matupu to meet Pastor Isaac and Carol Williams. They pastor a new work launched by a great partnership between Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge and Children's Cup (CC). This church plant came into being from CC work to establish a care point ministry to orphan children. CC's main base is in neighboring Swaziland and I will tell you more about the care points and CC work later...

We started the Easter weekend by having a special showing of the Jesus film and over 500 packed the church to see the movie. Isaac and Carol have been working here for a year and have seen the church steady grow from the impact of community service by feeding the kids everyday. M-F HPC and CC feed over 200 kids here a vital meal that is for the most of the only meal and most nutrion they receive each day. I wept seeing the plight of the children!

Saturday we did some small group discipleship speaking to Isaac's young leadership team. The average life expectancy in Moz is 34 years old. Most of Isaac's team were teenagers and already God is growing them into great men at such a young age. The gifts in these young guys life are incredible as the hope of a future given by Christ has touched these guys. We did a short youth service and talk about dance... Africans got rythmn like this old white boy don't know, hello!

Sunday the crowd again swelled into the church building as all seats were packed. Isaac allowed to minister to his people and I was just stunned thinking if any church in the US would allow a missionary to preach Easter Sunday service... wow! I ministered on the Lordship of Jesus Christ and we had an awesome communion at the end. I needed healing in my knee as I twisted it and as I write and smile thinking of how Jesus used the meal that heals (Come on Perry Stone) to touch my knee. Just had to walk it out a little bit... PTL.

Last report on Moz as I look back was the awesome time I got to invest into Isaac and Carol. I am talking two of God's champions that have an incredible ministry before them. I love ministering to missionaries as over the past few years the Lord has taught me many lessons of being effective in the nations. So I go and pass it on... I will be in Swaziland with Ben and Susan Rogers and the CC staff. Oh it is going to be great... DB!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you came here and BLEW IT UP!!! Hope God gives you all the spoils of His nations!!!