Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Storms... Here we go again?
Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on September 1, 2005 and thousands were affected by this storm. I was revisiting those hot days of rescue and change in my prayers this morning. Katrina meant cleansing and how this storm literally cleaned out the city of New Orleans. Now again the potential of another storm named Gustav is forming to impact the US mainland. Ironically, Gustav means God's Staff...
Please pray for the people as they prepare along the Gulf Coast as another storm approaches.
Got some prayer requests...
I am headed to southern Mexico today for ministry and scheduled to arrive back Monday night into Louisiana. Pray for the ministry in Mexico and pray I get back to my family safely. The storm is coming in about the same time I arrive... Just Great... should be a wild plane ride.
Pray for my friend Pastor Billy Fitzgerald as his wife is having some physical challenges. She has a doctor's appointment today with anticipation of the next step. Billy and Diane live in New Orleans and are great personal friends and faithful leaders in the kingdom and the storm approaches...
Pray for my dear friend and honestly this woman is like a sister to Sandy and I, Baby Elam as she fights the relentless demonic attack of lupus. Jesus is our healer... in the midst of the storm!
My mom as she is facing surgery next Tuesday. She is not wanting the knife but the pain is unbearable for her. Lord help her face the storm... take her hand!
One of our partner churches and great friends from Cornerstone Church in Amite, LA lost a key leader last night, one Kevin Carter. He had a heart attack right after prayer meeting. Wow prayer then heaven... lift them up as they walk these days out. "
Jesus... Calm the Seas!

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We are praying.
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