Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What you will be tomorrow depends on the choices you make today...

I was reading this morning during my devotional time and came across this quote. It is so true about the choices we make in our lives. God gives us the power of choice or should I say he gives us a will. He will never over ride our will/choice... this is why we will stand before him to account for our actions, good or bad. Wow I need his grace to make wise choices.

Andy and I were in the streets of Washington, DC this past weekend and came across many Democrats for Obama. All were young kids in college and they were working the streets getting their "choice" before the people. The picture above is 2 young men that we got to dialoge with for awhile. It was pretty apparent their views were narrow but the fascination we had was the choices they were making from this narrow view point. They along with so many have not the wisdom to see into tomorrow... May the Lord give us wisdom to to make the right choices for tomorrow.

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