Monday, August 04, 2008

Unreached People Prayer Profile

We had a "small group" that met regularly every Friday night for years in St. Helena Parish. This small rural parish is the poorest in the state of Louisiana but has some fine people that love Jesus there. Anyway our group of at times 40-50 people would meet and seek the face of the Lord as we had unreached people group profiles laid in our hands. We were asked to pray for people we did not even know or had ever heard of... people Jesus died for. To make a long story of 13 yrs of ministry in this area short, from our prayers my family and I were propelled into the mission fields of the world. I really believe that when we move the heart of God, he moves the heart of men.

The Joshua Project ( an organization that profiles unreached people groups all over the world for strategic prayer and intercession. Each day a new people group profile is put on their website for specific prayer that the Lord would breakin and reveal himself. I think this is awesome and have for a long time included in my quiet time. We also recently added this to our webpage...

Keep moving God's heart for those who have never heard his name!

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