Friday, February 08, 2008

Influence – Bucket List

This morning my son Andy asked me an interesting question… name the top five people that has influenced your life in a godly way.

I have so many I could put on this list as I sat pondering his words I thought about influence. I thought of how our lives and actions are influencing people every day. Another cool thing that I got to do lately was take in a movie called the Bucket List. I am not advocating watching too much Hollywood but man this movie got me to thinking… there is one explicit adjective and a scene with old Jack Nicholson with a little sign language you see on the freeway every once in awhile, outside of this though this movie will get you to asking yourself some serious questions about the priorities in your life.

Man I really want to make me life count for something and the more people I influence for Jesus the better off I am and the more JOY is evident in my life (watch the movie and remember the 2 questions involving JOY).

So name the top 5 people that have influenced your life in a godly way… then call them and tell them how much they mean to you.

Here are my five for the record... the order is not reflective of their priority. This was hard as I have so many people that have impacted my life and I know the Lord has more in the future to help me along the way…

Scott and Merriann Hornsby (tonight we celebrated Scott's 60th birthday, we had an Elvis style party) they have loved me like their own child and allowed me to be part of their family.

Sandy the love of my life… what a joy she brings to my life.

Jack Harris – my friend and mentor in missions

Brent Hornsby – my hero of the Faith

My daddy and mama… Luther and Patricia Walters without them I would not be here lol!

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jack6294 said...

Now that you did the obvious "out of the womb" 5, give us 5 more!!