Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pressure & Preparation

I remember the 1st time I went to India… the pressure was starting to mount as I had committed to making this step to an unknown world. Little did I know the spiritual warfare level I was about to step into… We were planning to go into North India.
I had some old cows that I was feeding and it was about this time of the year so they were hungry as usual. So I got home from work right @ dark and decided to take a big round bale of hay to feed them hungry critters. I pulled my coat up around my ears as I climbed on the tractor to stab the bale and drive the short couple of miles down the road to where I kept the cattle. Little did I know the wild ride I was about to embark upon… it was almost dark and I should not have been on the road with this bale of hay for the record. I was cutting it to close to allow the devil an opportunity to keep me from what God intended for my life. We get in such a hurry we forget the big picture… this guy had been @ work and like most middle class guys on his way home had stopped for a couple of beers. He said he never saw the tractor and bale of hay as he slammed into the back of me. The hay was covering the slow moving vehicle sign as the impact shoved the forks into his radiator. The force of the blow propelled the tractor into high gear speed as I struggled to control the old machine. Of course this happened on a bridge and the tractor leaped up on the edge of the railing as I was screaming JESUS @ the top of my lungs. Well the Lord hears prayer for sure and had his angels with me as almost if the tractor suddenly was moved back on the road and right down the middle finally slowing to a controllable pace. Whew… just the memory of the ride had my hands typing fast, hello!
Well the state tropper came and accessed the accident and can you believe I got the ticket? I was wrong but he never checked the young man for being drunk as he reeked with alcohol. So with bent forks and wounded pride I went home but so very thankful to be alive. This incident did not stop as it was during this time I had been trusting the Lord for the finances to travel to India. After insurance claims from the truck and I was at fault, the cost for the old work truck was $3000. Guess how much my budget was for the trip to India that was due the next week…yes sir $3000. Well the Lord provided in a supernatural way as he does so often when we step in faith this moves God! Faith is what moves him…
Yesterday I had a rough day with preparation and pressure as again I prepare for India and specifically North India. Again I did something not too bright but at least it wasn’t taking a chance with al old tractor and a bale of hay. People will hear the gospel as we obey his command to “GO” and prepare the way of the Lord. As a great friend would say to me when I was just a young believer…”brother pray for me, I need the prayer and you need the practice!”

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