Monday, February 25, 2008

Piggy Back Ride

I head out for the window in less than three weeks. PLEASE PRAY! The steps of the righteous are ordered by the LORD!

Sri Lanka – Arriving into Sri Lanka will again be another time into this country of civil war. ALL who live here now are under extreme strain as bloodshed is everywhere. People are getting desperate as inflation has driven bread and rice cost to all time highs… Pray for the believers in Sri Lanka to remain faithful. We will minister for 5 days then "GO" to the continent of Africa.

Swaziland - After many times of invitation to "GO" to minister with Children's Cup, the Lord finally released me to "GO". After Sri we will be with Ben & Susan Rodgers to get a 1st hand look @ the AIDS epidemic in Africa and how the "Cup" is ministering to families and children affected by the disease. Dave & Jean Ohlerking have been ministering here for years and it will be an honor to get some African dirt on my feet again for Jesus.

Mozambique – From Swaziland the road will be a fun drive… to minister Easter celebration at Healing Place Church – Mozambique. This is going to be awesome to spend with Pastor Isaac and this new church plant in this nation. I am looking forward to taking communion with these believers…

Kenya – Kenya has erupted in political war this year with as many have died in Nairobi. Pastor Don Matheny and Nairobi Lighthouse Church are standing in the midst of great struggles. Thousands of new refugees have sprung up as the fighting and chaos is wracking this nation.

North India Evangelism Project

We will go specifically again to Chandigarh to work with Pastor Norman Gray. We met Norman during the Tsunami in Sri Lanka and went last year to be part of his new church plant. This year the church will be two years old as we lead a team Rusty Domingue is bringing from Celebration Church from Georgetown, TX. Chandigarh is located north of New Delhi about a three hour train ride. The Punjab people live here in this city and work primarily in the government of India. Most of the people commute to Delhi weekly on the three hour train ride to the nation's capitol. Chandigarh is one of the two "planned" cities in India with a sewer system and roads designed by the French pre British colony days. Please pray for us and help us with this church plant. We are going by Faith… our budget to do the meetings and travel is $10,000US. We ask you to pray… Jesus loves Faith and signs follow those who believe. Believe with us for many to come into the kingdom this month.

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