Tuesday, February 26, 2008


In the year 1265, Kubla Kahn ruled China, most of India and the greater portion of the Asian continent.  He was one of
the most powerful men on the face of the earth.  In that same year, two Italian men named Nicolo and Matio Polo, the
father and uncle of Marco Polo (yes he was a real person, not just a pool game) took a journey to China.  They traveled
that great distance to Eastern Europe, through Asia and into China where they met the great Khan.  They told Kubla
Kahn about Jesus Christ.  They told him about the death of Christ.  They told him about the crucifixion of Christ, His
sacrifice for our sin, His offer of forgiveness.  They told Kahn about how Jesus Christ is the hope of the world, how He
offers eternal life to all who believe.  The Holy Spirit was working in the heart and mind of Kubla Kahn in what we call
prevenient grace.  In that moment he was ready to become a Christian.

   Kubla Kahn thought, I would like all of my leaders, all of my officials, all of my officers to become Christians.  I want my
people to be Christians.  I want you two men to go back to Italy and bring 100 missionaries here.  I want then to tell all of
my people about Jesus Christ.  So Nicolo and Matio returned to Italy in 1269.  They talked to the church leaders, who were
not very impressed.  They were not willing to send 100 missionaries, but agreed to send two.  So, in the year 1271, Nicolo
and Matio Polo, with the 17-year-old Marco Polo, left for China again and they took two missionaries with them.  When
they were halfway there, the two missionaries were so wearied of the journey, they turned around and went back to Italy.  
It was 30 years later when missionaries finally arrived in China.  By that time, Kubla Kahn was dead.  It was too little.  It
was too late.  The door was closed.  The opportunity would never come again.

   How can we possibly know what would have happened if the church of Jesus Christ had been faithful in that moment?

Is there something God is calling you to do?

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