Friday, February 22, 2008

Reports from the 1040 window

Wow I have gotten a lot of tough emails as of late from people I know in dire strait situations in Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan. I thought I would pass on a few excerpts for your information and your prayers!

Sri Lanka - Pastor shot dead in Ampara District (Eastern coast)
Pastor Neil Edirisinghe of Ampara was shot dead last night (17th
February 2008). He was shot in the chest and his wife was shot in the
stomach. She has been admitted to hospital in a serious condition. It is
reported that their child too has sustained injuries.

Please pray for this family and the Church.

India – Orissa State

Almost 25,000 Christians left homeless. More than 1000 churches attacked. 730 Christian houses burned to the ground; thousands of Christian homes looted and emptied of everything. 126 Christian businesses destroyed. Thousands of the Christians beaten; some had heads shaved to humiliate them; Christian women raped. Over 4000 Hindu militants are roaming around looking to persecute Christians. Their only crime – they refuse to bow down and worship Hindu idols.

Pakistan - Dear brother, PLEEAASSEE do not look at me as a liability, but things here are really getting BAAADDD for us with the present turn of events.

My older son yesterday was severely harassed by some individuals who actually managed to obtain his office telephone number and this is an International group. Today I have arranged protection for him through the Police. I may regret this action later though.

Today he was coming home from a Football game the other day when he was held up at the Traffic lights for his Mobile, fortunately he is sharp enough and floored the car + we always travel with a Weapon in the vehicle. But you see this is how things are worsening on a daily basis. The school received a Bomb threat before the Elections; they were shut down for a week. We have an Armed Guard at the Gate this is in spite of the fact that we live in a most secure Army housing society.

Please tell your friends we need to get out while we can, even though right now we are financially all the way down but we will sell all we have and leave and then look at making our way to Canada from there, but please dear brother, ask them to at least communicate with me and let me know what, if anything at all, is happening.

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Brandon Cowz said...


I stumbled across your blog while researching for a lesson on missionaries and persecution. I will be giving a takl tomorrow evening at my church (New Life Church of the Nazarene, Princeton, Indiana USA. I will have the entire church praying for you tomorrow night (Sunday 2/24/2008).

Your brother in Christ,
Stan Mason