Sunday, June 22, 2008


Am I making contacts with other people and using them for the Master's Glory?

When I first got saved my life was in a shamble… I had disgraced my good name that my father had worked diligently to keep good. The folks that ran our local bank frowned when or if I ever came to pay my debts… so when Jesus came into my heart, this incredible process of transformation began (Romans 12:1-2). 1st to learn humility and the fear of the Lord, then to be responsible and all the while remaining faithful has been the path to be a witness for the Lord he has allowed me to follow. Faithfulness is the key as over time (Gen 8:22) the people you walk before in life begin to recognize how great our God is! These people shake their heads in amazement when they see your faith being walked out by doing exploits for the Lord. Your life is a witness of his Glory!

People like to see faithfulness! I know the Lord has given me power to be a witness (Acts 1:8) to these people as all they see now is a changed life by God's grace. The people we are in contact with are in our lives for a purpose… yes even the ones that we detest! I too chuckle when I am around people that knew the "old Luke"… thank you Lord for your grace and mercy (Micah 6:8).

I recently read in "Mother Teresa's" book on her private writings this prayer she prayed… "Lord remove from me anything that may hurt you or hurt your people." I was in awe as I read these words…then I was nudged by the Holy Spirit with the scripture in Psalms 26:1-2 to remind me that we can pray and ask God to keep us pure in our heart. After reading this book on Mother Teresa I saw again the thread of her witness… remaining faithful!

When our hearts are right before the Lord… his Glory comes with great power!

Lord let my life bring you glory and please keep my heart right!

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Loni & Monica said...

I have been reading your messages on the blog. They have been ministering to me, but today it has been special. As I read your message today, my prayer is also going to be that I do not hurt the Lord and none other this week. Praying to be faithful and live a life of holiness and when you remember us, please keep us in your prayers. We love you and appreciate the Word given through the blog. Our prayers and love to you and your family.