Friday, June 13, 2008

21 days… #5

#5 Am I self-conscious, self-pitying, or self-justifying?

Wow these questions are not getting easier… they are provoking me to look inside deeply and consider my state. When I think of these words all proceeded with SELF, I think of how for years the devil condemned me of just about everything I ever did in my life. Of course I gave him a lot of ammunition as I like all sinners I was consumed with SELF. I was not good enough or just did not meet the standard… I remembered in high school the part down the middle feathered hair and I had curly hair. What a mess as I tried to be like everybody else. Then the pride of "I am not like those… Pharisee attitude! Trying to keep up with the Jones' mentality… on and on the heart thoughts of what we look like on the outside. Then the devil comes to destroy with thoughts of condemnation on every turn… Spirits of rejection that kept me not thinking I would ever over come my inadequacies. Then I was led to the Cross… this is where I found relief from all! Oh the Cross is where I found new life and revelation of the power of the Bible, God's Holy Love language to us! His Word began the process of undoing all my mess… Wow when I found Romans 8:1 and began this journey of realizing what the price of his blood paid for me. Then to become a full heir to an inheritance via the adoption by the Father, Romans 8:15. This was just the beginning… I remembered the night I read I John 3:20 that God was bigger than my heart… freedom from condemnation and guilt!

So today if you are in the funks of SELF… start again @ the CROSS! Let SELF be crucified and JESUS placed on the throne of our hearts forever!

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Neil said...

Self defense. That is a tough one. I have found it a number one issue in my life. I think it has to do with my wanting to prove/protect myself( mainly reputation) as i have had a lot of baggage to clear. Getting better ever since I have begun to enjoy His grace in a fresh way and to know that He loves me any way. So while i have stopped the fight externally - to protect and prove my self, I battle it inside where the desire to protect and prove is doing a number in me..thankfully not on me as I now have His grace and the Holy Spirit to work for me on earth and my heavenly advocate in heaven WOW!