Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sri Lanka’s Glory & Desperation

We spent a fast weekend in Sri Lanka ministering after Vietnam. From the airplane straight to a wild 4 hour drive to the deep south of Sri Lanka which is known as a fortress of buddhism. Hambantota, Sri Lanka where the Tsunami of 2004 literally wrecked this city is where we held a powerful Glory meeting. My friends in Sri have been touched with open heavens of signs, wonders and miracles in the midst of desperate times for this war torn nation. WOW it was awesome to witness God open a young girl's blind eye and many other miracles but the most powerful thing was so many staunch buddhist bowing to Jesus to make him LORD! OH I am telling you this was sweet to me… Souls added into the kingdom. We want to thank our friends in Sri and our partners for sending us to the nations and especially our dear Sri Lanka.

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