Monday, June 16, 2008

One Prayer Series…

WOW the ONE PRAYER Series, at my home church Fellowship Church Zachary, has been participating in has been awesome! Pastor Scott kicked off the series with his message on Lord, make us Fearless. I was in Singapore and got to listen to these messages and get fed from the other side of the world! Is that cool or what? Then, Pastor Craig Groeschel from Life Church. TV message on "ONE" was powerful and convicting. His message struck at the heart of leaders and believers as the competitive spirit from the devil main objective is to divide so the church can loose her effectiveness. What would it take to unify the church? One enemy, one heart and one purpose… Oh if we could get this right what a powerful impact upon the world! Help us Lord be one!

Then yesterday Pastor Chris Hodges spoke on Lord make us authentic… My goodness this struck the heart at how we present ourselves. Are we real? Are we the real deal? Are we authentic? Next week Pastor Jenson Franklin will be on the big screen… is that cool or what? The tool of technology ministering to the body of Christ globally… oh this strums my heart strings!

Come on, if you could pray one prayer what would it be?

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Leahloo said...

The message was awesome sunday! I'm going to miss Jenson Franklin though and I'm not happy about it!