Friday, June 06, 2008

Hope in Vietnam...

We didn't want to communicate while inside of Vietnam and I was about to scream because of all the awesome things HE did and is doing in the closed nation of Vietnam. Jack and Sherry Harris, Steve Smith and myself were so honored to again travel to Vietnam... Jack and Sherry have been going to 'Nam for almosty 20 years as their faithfulness is being honored with thousands coming to the knowledge of HIM. Jack & Sherry have been great mentors and friends of ours for many years now and it is just awesome to hang out in the nations with these folks. This time I got to hang out with Sherry's brother Steve which makes Global Messenger Service a three fold cord not quickly broken. Thank you GMS for allowing me to join you again in Vietnam and for our partners sending us as we are really having an amazing impact in the nations.

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