Friday, June 20, 2008

21 days to a better you… #9

When did I last speak to somebody else with the object of trying to win that person for Christ?

Proverbs 11:30b "He that wins souls is wise."

This is a good one… action! The past few days we have been laying a foundation of prayer but today we move to putting feet to our prayers. Actually telling someone of Jesus' love… his greatest desire to bring lost people to him! Wow I am so happy today he saved my soul… he revealed his glory into my life.

So you may have some struggle with this… I am not one that is shy so I can easily do this but some people just lock up thinking about talking with someone about Christ. My 1st suggestion is to arm yourself with the WORD… ever heard of the Roman Road? Easy scriptures that can walk someone to Christ…I suggest you to visit them and memorize these scriptures.

One of the highest percentage ways of leading someone to Jesus is to bring them to church. Get ready for excuses and rejections for someone not to want to attend a church service… Prayer will prepare them to receive but we must be diligent in bringing them. Call em up, don't take no for an answer!

Put feet to your faith! Who are you going to talk to about Jesus today?

Romans 3:23,5:8,6:23,8:1,10:13

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