Sunday, June 15, 2008

21 days #6

6. Did the Bible live in me today?

I mean really, did the Bible come forth into my life today? Am I a hearer only and not a doer of the Word…? Am I a plugged cistern or is this powerful Word of God flowing through me like a river of Life? Oh the joy of knowing God and having full access to the Bible. God's promises to us are "Yes and Amen". The big thing is we can go as deep into God's Word as we want, it is a choice. Isn't it strange we can spend hours in front of TV yet neglect to spend time reading and being blessed with God's Word? I will admit that reading the Bible at times has gotten methodical. So I changed it up, got a new version, started a new Bible course online… just to keep this part of my love relationship with God moving forward. Like my marriage I need to keep the romance fresh! Reading God's love letters will bring such inspiration and joy… I love you Lord for giving me freely your Word and preserving it with great sacrifice for me!

Back to Matthew 5:3 NLT "God blesses those who are poor and realize they have need for him…" I need God and I need his WORD!

I was in a hotel in India and inside the bedside table was a copy of the Koran not a Gideon Bible this always upsets me. What a blessing to see the ministry of the Gideon's to put Bibles in hotel rooms. Be creative in giving someone the Bread of Life… Give someone a Bible today!

Life giving words not a religion that destroys… Take some time to read the Bible today (Rev. 1:3) and if you are real wise, read it to someone else or give one to somebody!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE NLT, nice thoughts... challenging!

Neil said...

Great and thanks for the tip. This is an area where the devil will try to trip us especially to make the reading of the Bible methodical so that we get nothing but a ritual and religion or he tries to blind us so that revelation quietly ceases. I have over come the issue of been blinded by asking to the Holy Spirit to give me revelation and then the power to live in that revelation oh man it is exciting even if it is just a small verse of scripture. But I must be careful not to merely understand the revelation but to let it live through me and flow in it. Oh how I love His word it is trult my meditation day and night.