Wednesday, June 11, 2008

21 Days to a better you… #3

3. Do I confidentially pass on to another what was told to me in confidence? Can I be trusted?

Wow this one is big… I remember the 1st time I read in Proverbs about being a faithful confidant. I said Lord I can do that… For a long time I did a good job of this and won the trust of many but one time I remember vividly messing this all up with one of my closest friends and brothers in the Lord. I have seen his life flip and flop since the incident and I can justify what I said in most circles. But in my heart… I know I sinned against my brother and let him down. Then what he told me got all misconstrued and all parties involved broke relationship. What a mess and I justified that I was doing the right thing.

Kind of like how people get off crimes they commit in a court room… but God's court room is different. He sees the heart…

As I pondered this question, I have resolved to go see my friend who still loves me dearly which is the miracle and brings the conviction upon me to right the wrong… Take a moment and remember how it felt when someone you opened up too broke your trust. O it hurt and stung… but we can forgive, this is the greatest power of the gospel. If you have wronged someone, go quickly and humble yourself and too if someone has wronged you… invoke the love of Jesus… FORGIVENESS.

Help me be a trusted counselor like you are Jesus.

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