Thursday, June 26, 2008

12. Do I get to bed on time and get up on time?

Structure… I am firm believer that God loves this. I KNOW he wants us to get proper rest as this is one of the vital components of taking care of our body. I have found there are two types of people when it comes to creative times, Early Risers and Night Owls! The importance of going to bed on time sets you in position to start your day off correctly whatever type person you are. Over time I have come to know I am an Early Riser. So this means I need to go to bed early… but the problem is I think I am going to miss something and stay up too late. Now late for me is 10:30pm… which throws me off in getting up or I get up tired. Once you lose the proper rest you need you can't get it back. When I do get to bed at my proper time, I am more productive during the day because I start my day off correctly spending the proper time with my Lord.

I sign my emails with "Daylight's Burning"… this came from my dad who would wake me up as a teenager before daylight to get up and get to the barn for work. He set the stage for work production at our home when I was a boy growing up by getting out of the bed to not to waste daylight hours. Little did I know the WORD… Jesus says we must work while it is day; the night comes when no man can work! My dad is still a wise man as he still gets up early and so do I…

So the early bird gets the worm! Or rather… they that seek me early shall find me!

Will this encourage you to evaluate your daily routine so you can make priority to spend time with God?

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Steve said...

You read my mail! It's hard to give God your best when you are tired and stressed.
I often act just like my children yawning while they say "I'm not sleepy!" then I stay up late and miss out on a good start in the morning.